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Canada's Internet of Things Conversation

This group provides an inclusive forum for a Canadian national conversation about the Internet of Things (IoT). It is intended to bring the great Canadian IoT ecosystem together for mutual and global awareness and to foster growth of all members.

Topics of discussion could include, but not limited to, IoT innovation, technology, products and services, solutions and verticals, business and economics, social impact and policy, events, education, and IoT-related Digital Literacy and Digital Governance

This group has a complementary Twitter account @iotNorth and hashtag #iotNorth

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ThingkFest 5.0 - Canada's Internet of Things Conversation

Online event

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We're back again with ThingkFest - ThingkFest 5.0 to be exact.

ThingkFest is an IoT North online event allowing participants to share their involvement in IoT and hear what others in Canada are doing, innovating, and thinking in the IoT space. It's a showcase with many Fast-Fire Four-Minute Short-Talks on different topics from across Canada in the IoT Space.

Everyone is welcome to attend to hear the talks and participate in the discussion and Q&A - and - you can propose your own Short-Talk.

Topics include IoT innovations, products and services, solutions in different verticals, different domains and disciplines that enable or are affected by IoT, and socioeconomic and digital governance interplay with IoT.

Short-talks are selected from talk proposals submitted by Canadian companies, organizations, and individuals and will be listed here.


New methods to test/validate IoT data for reliable AI-based industrial operations ... Guillaume Hervé, CEO and Co-Founder at Zetane Systems

Additive Manufacturing as an illustration of AIoT for Industry 4.0 ... Jérémie Farret, CEO at Mind in a Box

Building Cloud-native IoT for remote monitoring of business operations ... Madan Kanala, CEO, Founder and Product Architect at Stratosfy

Beyond Industry 4.0 – IoT spurring Society 5.0 ... Walter Knitl, CEO at Praxiem

Manufacturing the Internet of (Private) Things ... Ian Douglas, IT Analyst at Office of the Privacy Commissioner Canada

How low-code technology can speed up IoT adoption? ... Eric Szymkowiak, CEO at PilotThings

Carleton-Cisco IoT Testbed: Architecture and Applications ... Dr. Zied Bouida, Cisco Chair Technical Manager and Professor Mohamed Ibnkahla, Cisco Chair in the Internet of Things, at Systems and Computer Engineering Department, Carleton University

Connecting the AIoT ecosystem globally with AIoT Canada ... Michel Langelier, CEO at AIoT Canada

--> https://iotnorth.ca/thingkfest-5-0/

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ThingkFest 4.0 - Canada's Internet of Things Conversation

Online event

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