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What we’re about

Who are we?

We're an eclectic group formed by students, artists, engineers, developers, tinkerers, and hobbyists with a wide range of skills and interests who share a common curiosity about Do-It-Yourself projects involving Hardware Electronics.

We are a community open to everyone: from those who just want to get a general sense of the basics of electronics and programming, to those with the technical savvy to pursue projects on their own.

What do we do?

The list of activities is open ended, and we continuously seek to benefit our members in the best way we can; as such, we keep trying to figure out the best set of activities to achieve this goal.  Since April 2014 our meetups have involved:

- Informal monthly meetings for working on projects (individually or as group), show and tells, troubleshooting, and informal instruction of various aspects of Hardware Electronics.

- Hands-on workshops for learning or enhancing a specific skill.  We charge for the materials (if any) needed for the workshop.

- Classes properly structured to cover a topic in depth such as Intro to E-Textiles, Hardware Electronics, and the Internet of Things.  Fees associated with the classes cover the materials and the instructor's time.

Interested in sponsoring an event?

If you are organizing an event related to what we do, and are interested in having our members participate we can schedule it as a Sponsored Event.  For more details please contact us at