What we're about

To discuss IoT Cyber Security Issues within the Kingdom. We are very interested in the development of IoT/Smart Cities within the Kingdom and how the fusion of Industry, State and Academia can help make this a success. We call this the Triple Helix of Innovation.

We welcome all people interested in IoT cybersecurity and how this helps and evolves the Kingdom to join our group and develop and share good practices and knowledge.

You should join if you are interested in how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working with IoT, Smart Cities, Industrial Control Systems, Building Management Systems, Urban Automation, Smart Agriculture, Smart Homes and the cybersecurity aspects connected with these.

If you want to learn and network, you are welcome.

IoT is an exciting field that is already changing our lives.

IoT, especially where it is used in Industrial environments, Smart Cities, Building Management Systems, and Urban Developments as well as Housing, offers the chance to vastly improve the operation and capabilities of city infrastructure leading to the possibility of very high savings in energy and resources. Not only savings in energy but there is also a high potential for increased comfort and health, clearly enormous benefits could be available to society and the individual.

However, we have to realise, that at the same time, this means that the cyber attack surface is also growing, spreading out at the same, exponential rate. Many of these systems may contain information about individuals – so the protection and privacy of personal information must be considered.

In this group and at the Meet Ups we will focus mainly on Security of IoT - where ever it is found. Having said that, we want to keep up-to-date with exciting advances in IoT technology as well.

Our first meetup group is being planned...Watch this space.


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Inaugural IOT SI Riyadh Chapter Meeting

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