IoT Talks June 2014

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Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, 1150 U6 Gumpendorfer Strasse · Vienna

How to find us - U6 Gumpendorfer Strasse - 3. floor (no lift!)

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We are starting our first meetup full of awesome talks.


• Everybody from our community can offer a talk. Please post your proposals here in the comments or contact one of the organizers.

• Talks will be starting at 19:00 (sharp)

• Slots for Talks are generell 20 min. (Special speakers could talk 40 min.)

• Q&A 5...10 min.

• 10 min breaks between the talks for socializing


We are looking for great talks about "Internet of Things", "Smart Home Automation" or "Industry 4.0". If you wanna present your project, your Open Source Software or Hardware stuff, your hack, share knowledge, tell us somethings about cool gadgets or wanna present use cases or business models, then feel free to offer a talk.

Please: No marketing stuff or advertising of your company!


• Welcome

• What is "Internet of Things"? A short journey. by Ralf Schlatterbeck

• Smart-SARAH - Open Source Home Automation by Harald Pichler

• txThings - CoAP library based on Twisted or asyncio by Florian Schweikert and Christian Amsüss

• Startup-Stories - Starting, Raising, Failing by Gerald Bäck

• Analyzing IoT and Industrial Data by Siegfried Puchbauer

• Announcement of our next events.


What is "Internet of Things"? A short journey by Ralf Schlatterbeck ( from

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword coined in the 1990ies and now
encompasses a wide range of definitions [0].

Instead of a definition I'll give some examples of what is possible
today and which standards in the closer range of domotics applications
are going to be replaced with newer protocols. But the challenge is
open: IoT is what we make it.
There are dangers, though: We don't want some big companies to take over
this market with all the security and privacy implications this would
One way is openness: We need open standards -- in the sense of
royalty-free, not in the broader sense of "reasonable and
non-discriminatory licensing" meaning only that you can get the
necessary licenses under the same conditions as everyone else.
In addition openness in software and hardware has made it possible that
the internet today is still as open as it is. I'll give a short intro on
the status of software and hardware licensing and the challenges we face.

[0] Wikipedia "Internet of Things"
[1] Wikipedia "Open Standard"

Smart-SARAH - Open Source Home Automation by Harald Pichler ( from

Im Eigenheim hilft uns Smart Home Automation energieeffizient zu wohnen und den Alltag angenehmer zu gestalten. Das Projekt Smart-SARAH entwickelt eine offene Hardware und Softwareplattform, die es den Nutzern ermöglicht, ihr Zuhause einfach und bequem zu steuern.

Eine Schlüsselrolle spielen moderne Kommunikationsgeräte wie Smartphones, Tabletts, Smart-TV und Webtechnologien. Standardmäßig unterstützt Smart-SARAH die Verwendung von OpenHAB oder LinKNX-WebKNX als Server System.

Zur Vernetzung der Aktoren und Sensoren dient IPv6. Die Software der 6loWPAN-Funkknoten basiert auf Contiki-OS und ist dank freier Lizenzen beliebig erweiterbar. Die Aktoren und Sensoren werden über 6LoWPAN-Edge-Router an das eigene Netzwerk, oder das Internet angebunden und erhalten eine eigene IPv6 Adresse.

txThings - CoAP library based on Twisted or asyncio by Florian Schweikert ( from and Christian Amsüss from

In this talk we will have a quick look on what's possible with the txThings library. It will cover the client as well as the server side.

On the client side the following questions will be covered:

• How to get data from a node resource?

• How to set a resource with PUT/POST?

• Is it possible to use the observation feature?

• Can I use txThings to create graphical user interfaces?

• What about android apps?

On the server side:

• How to create a dummy server?

• How to manage the resource tree and add GET/PUT/POST resources?

• Why would I want a CoAP server on my server/ARM board?

Startup-Stories - Starting, Raising, Failing by Gerald Bäck (

A story about a software startup, which started out of Vienna. Traveled around the world. Raised a Series A in London, moved to Berlin and returned to Vienna because it did not work:)

Analyzing IoT and Industrial Data by Siegfried Puchbauer ( from

A short introduction to Splunk and its abilities to ingest, analyze and visualize machine data. Followed by a demo of visualizing electric car data in real-time.


StockWerk Coworking ( ) offers the locations for our event:

At StockWerk you can rent a desk for hours, days, weeks or month, small offices, conference rooms or event spaces.

OSDOMOTICS ( ) offers us the hardware for our IoT Workshops.

OSDOMOTICS is a Vienna based Non-Profit-Organisation for developing open source hardware and software for smart home automation and the Internet of Thinks.

Flatout Technologies ( ) offers us some drinks.

Flatout Technologies develop a frontend and backend based IoT-Cloud framework for B2B.


• We are looking for sponsors to offer the community free drinks. If you are interested becoming our sponsor please contact one of our organizers.

• Every sponsor will be mentioned here on this website and during our event.

• Every sponsor can put some ad-stuff on our sponsor table during our event.

• Every sponsor could make an job announcement.