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The Colorado Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup group is focused in creating authentic connections through networking and educational programming in Colorado. We are a group of technologists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs focused on growing an ecosystem in Colorado of all things IoT. From Smart Cities to smart manufacturing, IoT is hardware, data science, software, communication protocols, sensors, and actual “things" that can be monitored remotely, and are driving business applications to become smarter and help us make better business decisions, as we transition to a digital world. IoT will become more and more relevant in our lives and shape the world as we know it, along this journey. How will we as people cope with this change in life, and how will be successfully migrate into the digital world? Join us as we help shape the Internet of Things community here in the state of Colorado.

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Virtual L&L - Secure Software Supply Chains: Why they Matter

Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Gary Shaffer and Aaron Fowler of Cornerstone as they give a high-level overview of secure software supply chains.

You'll learn why they matter and how your software teams can adopt a solution for deploying, maintaining, and scaling industry standard DevSecOps supply chains.

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Virtual Lunch & Learn - Design for Compliance Principles for IoT Devices

Many startup IoT manufactures unintentionally roll the dice and begin the "formal" testing process after they feel the device or system is ready for launch. Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn to learn about efficiencies that can be introduced into your current compliance processes.

Rob Holt of iCertifi will share design-for-compliance methods to employ that decrease your chance of failing a crucial test or other aspect that will lengthen your time to market.

Rob Holt began working for an EMC Test Lab when he was 18. After learning and fulfilling every role at that first lab, he settled into project management, 25 years at various labs, Rob started a 10 year run as a Sr. Compliance Engineer directly for manufactures. Overall, Rob uses his 36 years in the industry to cover management of every slice of the HW Conformity spectrum.

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Virtual L&L - A Connectivity Framework for Widely Distributed Real-Time Systems

If you’re developing an IoT product with complex data flows, you’re faced with the limitations of protocols that were never designed for the task. TCP is reliable, but performance is an issue, especially for mobile devices. UDP offers better performance, but is unreliable. And simple security like TLS takes an all-or-nothing approach to every data flow in your system.

What if you need a mix of high-performance, solid reliability, and fine-grained security? Join us for an overview of Connext Anywhere, a new connectivity framework for widely distributed, real-time systems. Connext Anywhere is RTI’s single-vendor WAN connectivity solution that allows your applications to seamlessly and reliably share data across WANs, including cellular networks, without compromising security.

John Breitenbach, regional Field Applications Engineering Manager from Real-Time Innovations, Inc., will share how you can use this new technology to build IoT applications that span local and wide-area networks, including lossy and low-bandwidth connections. And you’ll learn how to best secure your data whether it is sent over private or public networks.

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Virtual L&L - How a Simple Solder Sphere Solves Today’s EMI Shielding Challenges

This Lunch & Learn with Jon Buchwald will demonstrate how a novel use of solder spheres as an attachment mechanism for a unique board level EMI shield solves many of the short comings of traditional, board level shielding cans.

Specifically, XGR’s solder sphere system addresses the inability to inspect and re-work, poor co-planarity, and penalizing board real estate requirements. The result is an extremely rugged, durable, and lightweight board level shielding solution.

Jon Buchwald joined XGR Technologies to run the Sales and Marketing department and bring SnapShot® technology to the broader market. Jon comes to XGR after 22 years at W.L. Gore & Associates where he held positions in engineering, new product development, new business development, and business leadership. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

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