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Workshop: Build End-to-End Predictive Models (Get ML Certificate)

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Register on the event website to receive joining link: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/eventdetails/W2022092709

We will host a 2-hour hands-on workshop where you will learn how to easily create deep learning predictive models using an end to end MLOps platform.

In this instructor-led workshop, you will learn to use an in-platform notebook to do data wrangling, train, and test models. Apply different algorithm families and pick the best model and monitor drift.

Explore extensive use-cases and state of the art neural networks:
- Create 3 predictive models (UX, SQL, NB) from sample data
- Use AutoML to train and evaluate models
- Deploy models and monitor drift

All participants of the workshop will receive a Machine Learning Proficiency Certificate.

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Virtual Cyber Security Healthcare & Pharma Summit

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