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Ionic August Meetup (Ionic IO & Tools For Ionic Apps)

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Sani Y. and Ryan H.


Its August and we are here again. With all the Buzz going around about the newly announced Ionic IO tools, we thought it best to make this months meetup about Ionic IO tools. Ionic IO is a suite of tools by Ionic that are easily integrated into your APP. You can leverage services like Push, Analytics, Deploy (update without resubmitting) e.t.c

Not only Ionic IO, there will also be talks about other third party tools that work well with Ionic apps. We are looking to hold short lightening talks around 15 mins each about Ionic IO tools. Get in touch as we are looking for speakers.


Lightening Talks

(Recruiting Speakers)

• Ionic Push (Stuart McCamley) - Stuart will walk us through his experience with the Ionic Push. He will tell us what he has found very interesting about it and also tell us how it compare with other services.

• Asim Hussain - Asim will talk us through his experience with the Ionic Deploy, a tool which lets you update your Ionic app without going throught the app store.

• Third Party Tools For Ionic (Sani Yusuf) - Sani will showcase a list of some third party tools that you can also integrate with your Ionic app that work really great.

Ionic Showcase

(Have You Built Something Recently With Ionic, This Is Your Chance to Share Your App With The World)