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The open source framework Ionic is pretty neat to build hybrid apps. Furthermore, the future looks super duper interesting with the development of PWA (Progressives Web Apps) and Web Components, specially using the promising StencilJS compiler.

Join this meetup to share your knowledge, discuss best practices, stay up-to-date in a fast changing environment, ask questions or simply discover this powerful ecosystem.

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An Introduction To Rust

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Web Assembly support is coming to StencilJS! Upcoming versions are going to work directly with Rust, now is the perfect time to get started. Join us for the first Ionic Zürich Meetup of 2020 😃 ************************************ 🚀 An Introduction To Rust - Nicolas Mattia In this beginner friendly introduction, Nicolas will show how to code an "Hello World", or a simple demo, in Rust and compiles it for the console and the browser. About: Nicolas is a Software Engineer based in Zurich. He likes functional programming, reproducible builds and “Infrastructure as Code”. He's the author of snack (a Haskell build tool written in Nix), niv (an easy dependency management for Nix projects) and the co-creator of DeckDeckGo (a web open source editor for presentations). https://nmattia.com https://github.com/nmattia https://twitter.com/nasmattia ************************************

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