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As Makers, we all hope to have the best partners for our project, hope to find best investors, hope to get cheapest or even free offices.

However, in reality, what is facing makers ahead: idea-->designing-->patenting-->funding-->prototyping-->production-->marketing and etc., none of the steps are easy. And these were exactly what I was facing, as a maker myself for the past 7 years, my AI Hunting gears start up in China www.17maker.net (http://www.17maker.net/), is still looking for an embedded co-founder, I do hope he is from Israel.

Honestly, I think our makers deserve better, we worked the best out of what we are good at, why we have to face those we are not. I think there must be better ways, my another company has 20 years of electronic production service history, if you are good on embedded systems, you can help hundreds of project like mine, in return I can help hundreds of Israeli makers with electronic production, Chinese patent, and even bringing their products to the enormous Chinese market. A good investor finder can find investors for hundreds of projects. Why not let’s exchange, we all do only what we are good at.

Why not let all the makers team up, let’s assemble a group of makers from Israel and China, we all combined a certain share of our projects to found a core business, thus make each of us partners of each other and independent at the same time, and because we are partners, we can help each other with sensitive matters.

If you think partner up is just to get some help from other makers, you must be wrong, if we can assemble hundreds of makers, not only we can help us and help many others, it will naturally become a huge undertaking which worth thousands of millions. And we are not going to make another WeWork, its focus is on the rent, if we team up, we will outsource the office, our focus is on what we can create.

The advantages of teaming up: 1). Bring our idea to product quickly and at much lower costs. 2). Increase our vision and resources by deeply involving in many other maker projects. 3). Increase our income by leading many other projects to success.

While Israel is called the innovation capital of the world, looks like we are perfect team-mates, let’s team up to make our dream together.

The more makers we can team up, the bigger things we can do, so, welcome to share your story.

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