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This is a group for people who love Books and reading. We will meet up once a month to suggest a new book and talk about what we have read. This will be a very informal Book Club, where it doesn't matter if you finish a book on time or even give up on it. The meet ups will be social occasions where we can enjoy a chat and a drink, exchange ideas and have some fun.

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Reading Film: Screening of “Nope”

Needs a location

Trialing an additional social gathering to complement our monthly book club, with an eye on cinematic narrative. Our introductory movie will be Jordan Peele’s “Nope” which has garnered much praise across the pond since it opened there this past weekend, but also attracted some interesting criticism. So it’s a perfect start.

We’ll watch the screening at Empire since it provides the best overall presentation out of all the local theatres while also charging the cheapest tix. We can have a conversation after about its suitability for future outings.

Advance tix are not yet on sale, but once they are I’ll purchase my ticket and let you know here what my seat allocation is (assuming we’d all like to scream and chortle together 😆) Then it’s up to you to purchase your own ticket(s) and let me know here if you’re coming. The adverts start at 7pm with the film itself likely to start around 7:20-7:25. I’ll be there at 6:45 to meet and greet.

Really looking forward to this one! 🐎🛸🐎🛸🐎🛸🐎🛸🐎🛸

Book 58: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Needs a location

After the depressing but Nobel Prize winning 1995 novel "Blindness", now we're going to a more recent book of a quite different genre.

From Wikipedia:

"Dark Matter is a science fiction thriller novel… The story is about a physicist who is kidnapped and sent to a parallel universe in which another version of his life unfolds because of a different choice he made fifteen years previously. The book draws on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics which posits that every possible outcome of every event creates a new universe or world that runs parallel to our own."

The Thomas Wolsey pub has been booked for Monday 5 September. We use this this pub because:

  • FREE PARKING AFTER 6pm in the Cromwell Square car park (however this may have recently changed, please check the below link!) https://www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/about-cromwell-square-car-park
  • The upstairs room has been booked just for us. (Club friendly pub).
  • It's reasonably central. Map: https://cutt.ly/AnAwj1t
  • No loud music, so that we can chat and be heard.

However, the pub has been put up for sale. We'll keep you posted.

Last time we experimented with the session beginning at 19:30 and the start time will remain that way however some of us will be there from 19:00 so feel free to show up early.

We tend to follow a pattern in that the person who suggested the book says a few things about it before we all chat about it.

Towards the end, we then chat about what we'd like to read next. We either vote or use a randomiser to pick the next read.

We do cover a wide range of genres - so be prepared to read beyond your favourite stuff (Amazon bubble!).

Chris is more than happy to meet newcomers outside first. Message him (Chris Adams[masked]).


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Book 57: The Blindness by Jose Saramago

Needs a location

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