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This regular meeting space is provided for those interested in non-dual self enquiry in Ipswich and the surrounding area, sometimes with a particular focus on Rupert Spira's understandings and teachings. Currently we meetup on the first Sunday afternoon of each month in each others homes within the Ipswich area. More details on the group's events listings.

Here you will meet others with a similar interest in self enquiry who are willing to explore direct experience as it relates to their true and intimate natures. And also others who's back grounds and practices are different but rooted in authentic non-dual traditions.

Rupert's very extensive and well resourced website is also worth a visit: http://non-duality.rupertspira.com/home

Also included at meetings will be insights from other past and contemporary non-dual teachers.

For the moment the meeting format will be a combination of reading aloud written accounts, listening or watching RS's or other's audio and video output, meditating, sharing experiences, supporting and encouraging one another. As well as enjoying social contact.

Non-duality or Advaita, meaning not two, can sometimes be percieved as a very complex subject, and often presented in what appears to be contradictory messages, or as a series of conundrums. Rupert Spira's beautiful and simple way of teaching bypasses the mind's sticking points, by taking the enquirer into the heart of their immediate experience which is distilled simply as awareness, or presence, or consciousness - and encouraging the enquirer to stay there!

In this context his approach is very accessible. Noticeably absent within Rupert's style of teaching are philosophy, religous dogma, spiritual concepts and theraputic or psychological modalities. He does not offer any kind of regular spiritual practice, instead clearly pointing towards the simple experience of awareness as the so called practice, or as a therapy. Many other reputable non-dual teachers adopt this method. This way is also referred too as the direct path or the shortened path; and even the path of no path!

If agreed before hand and the weather is favourable, time with the group can also be spent outdoors in nature.

Participants are encouraged to keep a journal of their experiences. This can sometimes help create a guage of an individual's progress over time.

"The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own Being, and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone can make." R Spira

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Meetup to discuss non-duality and enjoy social contact :-)

11 St Marys Cl

The alliance of those pre-occupied with Love, Beauty and Truth in all forms continues to exercise its right of free association and experience the full benefits of friendship coupled with a sense of purposeful community. Please bring food to share for lunch, pot luck style. Extremely limited parking by the house, so please park in the village hall car park which is just around the corner. Drive past St Mary Close on the left, take next turning left after 25 metres which has a sign for the village hall. Follow the road round to the right up a short steep slope and the hall is right in front of you. All six of us will become as one, so that leaves room for 5 more. They in turn will be absorbed into that same singularity. Compliance and science are determined in equal measure by reality.

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