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Ipswich Dramatherapy Workshops are self-improvement/personal development workshops for adults. They aim at building self-confidence, developing trust and relationship with others, providing space for creative self-expression, promoting playfulness and spontaneity, working imaginatively, building social skills, as well as connecting cognition and body with emotional feelings.

During the sessions creative - expressive mode of work is employed in which creative processes such as improvisation, movement, play, voice-work, dance, enactment, role-play, theatrical performance, art work or playing music play the key role. The wholehearted engagement in creative processes results in personal transformation which has been proceeded by conscious, and often unconscious, exploration, creation and expression.

The workshops are for anyone who would like to improve their self-esteem and confidence, playfulness, interactions with others, and those who would like to discover their potential through drama and movement techniques. The sessions are for those who regard themselves as shy and reserved, as those who don’t feel natural in social interaction and who feel they are locked in a 'shell'. However, they are aware of all of it and are determined to shift habitual modes of being to undergo a personal transformation. The workshops are also for those who would like to explore what is behind their comfort zone and how does it feel to step out of it. The sessions are open to adults regardless of drama/theatre experience, skill or any other obstacle that may hold you back from personal and creative exploration.

A typical session consists of relaxation exercises, warm-up activities, and main-part: exploratory and creative work, followed by grounding and time to reflect. An enactment of a story, fairy tale or myth combined with role explorations are the core elements of the session.

As a dramatherapist , theatre/drama practitioner and a person who years back discover the joy of being creative, I strongly believe that what Donald Winnicott said in his Playing and Reality is true:

“It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.”

The above I’ve experienced myself and have witnessed it with other people too. Therefore, I would like to invite anyone who thinks that this kind of work would be beneficial and worth trying to participate in one of the following options:

- creative- expressive series of workshops

- taster sessions

- dramatherapy group

- individual dramatherapy


My name is Marcin Zielonka. I am an HCPC state registered Dramatherapist, full member of British Association of Dramatherapists and Polish Association of Dramatherapy. I have experience of working in a variety of setting such as NHS, community centers, and schools. I work with group and individuals offering self-development workshops and group/individual therapy. I work in English, Polish and Russian.

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Introduction to dramatherapeutic workshops.

Westerfield Village Hall

The following workshop intends to introduce some features of dramatherapeutic work. Additionally, the work will focus on themes of 'difficulty' and 'life's journey'. During this session you will have an opportunity to experience some theatre based games and exercises as well as engage yourself in creative-expressive processes such as enacting a story. You will also have a chance to reflect on your work and talk to others about your experience. The story that we will focus on is a Japanese folktale entitled: "The maiden with the wooden bowl". The session will give you an opportunity to be engaged in your internal processes and being creative. Dramatherapeutic workshops aim at: · finding spontaneity, · building self-confidence · dropping one’s habitual mode of being. There is a limited number of places, so if you would like to take part in the workshop please book the place as soon as you can. Cost: £20 Date: 9th November, Saturday 5PM- 7PM- please note the time of the event may change.

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