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This is the biggest monthly business & startup gathering & networking in London. Simply bring your banners, flyers, business cards etc. and sell or promote your business or receive business advice from fields' experts the heart of London. LEN is the inventor, leader & organisor of biggest monthly business show in the UK. Everyone who becomes a member of our website ( - with 100% profile completion - will own & receive one formal stock share of the website/company to sell or keep. Read more here: Exhibiting or selling SHOULD NOT COST £1000s. Book an exhibition spot (banner spot) for only £50; reserve exhibition table here; • FREE entry, • Join 500+ entrepreneurs attending, • Sell or promote to 500+ entrepreneur attendees • Sell or promote to 1,000 businesses with office in Moorgate WeWork office spaces, • Receive great offers, • FREE refreshment for all, • Receive investment, • FREE business advice,40+ exhibitors, • Receive ONE YEAR FREE ACCOUNTING! • Free Workshops during 6pm to 9;00pm Business Show, • And much more, 5;30pm to 9;00pm; London Entrepreneurs Network® aims at enhancing & supporting business & start-up communities, by organising monthly London Business Show® where everyone have personal, regular and secured opportunities to sell, promote and publicize their services or products as well as receiving business advice from fields' experts, freely. This monthly "London Business Show®" is a great opportunity for everyone to promote businesses regularly (e.g. weekly & monthly). It is a powerful & productive platform for people who want to gain clients, to promote businesses & projects, to create publicity or to get advice from great mentors & entrepreneurs. Additionally - in the middle of the exhibition space - our regular networking continues where you can stay for hours, network, make great connection & enjoy the drinks. Banner space is limited, book asap . Show's timing & format; (exhibiting will be running all the time) a section of the venue is allocated to; • 5;30pm to 6;30pm Networking + one minute pitch to all • 6;30pm to 7;00pm • 7;00pm to 7;30 pm • 7;30pm to 8;00pm • 8;00pm to 8;30pm; Get in touch to provide • 8;30pm to 9;00pm Get in touch to provide • 9;00pm Closing FAQ What I will you provide for £50? A table to place marketing materials on and placing one banner next to. 1. What size is the tables? 6ft rounds 2. If I wanted 2 tables , do I need to purchase 2 quantities? YES please 3. How many banners are I limited with in the section given? one or two back to back depending on the table location. 4. Is there parking to bring products into the venue? disabled parking also? Please check the venues website. 5. I would also like to pitch for 30sec to investors if possible, is there still space? Yes from 6;30 to 7pm in one of the rooms. Moreover, there is 5-10 min presentation slots for £300 =======London Entrepreneurs Network======== Join 1000s of City Entrepreneurs for FREE business networking at one of the best business networking in the heart of London. Benefits include: • Marketing; Get in touch to provide. • Investment - Get in touch to provide. • Office Space - Discover London's newest entrepreneurial co-working space to grow your business with complementary in-house expert mentors. • Accounting (get in touch to provide) • Video; (get in touch to provide) AND many more at the event! ------------------------------------ 4 reasons to attend the next business networking event: • Business networking with quality people in the City of London • Exclusive offers available to you to help you grow your business (mentoring, office space, funding & so on) • Delicious refreshment to help you make the most of your time & networking. • Potential exposure for your business on Sky TV We’re offering a free business mentoring session, in Central London with experts team from the world number one on consultancy, assurance as well as providing Goverment GrowthAccelerator, if you need to. To apply for please just reserve here on the right side. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Just reserve here on Meetup by clicking the green button on the top-right corner of this page. Tell us what you need and we'll do our best to use the network to help you. Remember! We will always share amazing discounts and offers with you from our trusted partners within the network. To make sure you're the first to know about them, come to our monthly events, and/or join our mailing list on or simply email us to add you to the mailing list. --------------------------------------- To make the networking efficient use the one-minute free presentation to introduce & promote yourself. Past testimonials; "I met with some very interesting individuals, many of which I am sure will turn into ongoing relationships. This is an event which welcomes small-medium sized companies through to those starting their own companies, clearly some talented and motivated individuals with vision of where they are looking to develop and grow." — Matthew, Ablestoke "It was a really useful and productive evening. Most importantly, it was unstuffy, relaxed and fun." — Richard, Rich Allsop Fitness "What a fabulous event! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful evening with such lively connections." — Claire, Wellbeing in the City "The organisers are also very approachable and do their best to ensure people feel welcome. They will help you to make the right contacts both during the evening and afterwards. From the two events I've attended so far, I have met one new client and three other people providing services which have helped me to develop my own business. I fully recommend attending an event as a way to make new connections, whether they be new clients or others who can provide services to help you grow your own business". - Patrick --------------------------- Why should you come? • To get the connections you need to move your business to the next level. • To meet investors. • To get and share great ideas. • Meet potential business JV partners • Meet potential suppliers and professional experts for your business • To simply have fun with great like-minded entrepreneurs. Taking part in LEN equals to having thousands of sales people working for you because every other member carries your business card with them. When they meet someone new who could use your products or services they hand out your card and personally recommend your services. Please feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and business partners to the event and tell those who you think might be interested by simply forwarding this information to them. All sectors of business welcome. We look forward to seeing you! London Entrepreneurs Network ® Limited --------------------------------------- Raising money is not a problem. Just fair valuation & proof that people want your products or service. Get in touch. • Our Partnership & Sponsorship Package, DOWNLOAD; CLICK HERE ( • Why to Partner or Sponsor LEN: & • Be in our stand in our Europe & UK Biggest Business Show: • Watch our last "Angels Investment how": Our websites & projects: UK's 5th Biggest Entrepreneurs & Businesses Network; ( Second Biggest Entrepreneurs Network in Europe; ( World's only FREE-Accesses Investors & Investees: Set to be the Biggest Business Show In The World: ( Contact:[masked], [masked] Facebook Page (, Facebook Group (, Twitter (, LinkedIn (

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This group is for Iranian & non- Iranian. Anyone who like to connect with Iranian or Persian in business or those who have just an interest in business. As an Iranian who like to help the other fellow Iranian to get well connected, start or expand a business. I organise weekly or monthly events & business shows where 1000+ national & international businesses or business mined people register & attend. Therefore this is a rare & fantastic opportunity which everyone, especially Iranian can benefit from. So whether you are an Iranian or not, you all are welcome to attend sell, promote, network and make the most of this weekly or monthly FREE & rare opportunity, especially that the we provide free refreshments and the event is in the City of London.



Everyone who is a member of this website ( - with 100% profile completion - will owns & receive one formal stock share of the website/company to sell or keep.

We believe, it is unfair that people - who open an account in websites like Facebook or LinkedIn - do not receive a formal ownership, money or stock share of those website/companies. Because its people who make those websites truly useful, valuable, by opening accounts & placing their valuable information in those websites. Therefore we believe members too, should truly own those website; not only the founders or shareholders. That is why we give you one formal stock share of the website/company to sell or keep - if your profile is 100% completed. So make sure to open an account & make it 100% complete, since this website is going to be the next big thing!



"No matter their background, education or financial position, their gender or the connections they may or may not have those unsung heroes of the business world, the great idea thinkers, the entrepreneurs with grand aspirations and an empty bank account deserve their chance, their shot at success." Reza.S.



Celebrating our entrepreneurs, helping the great idea thinkers and dreamers, supporting small business owners with big aspirations and inspired start-ups. Giving the next Branson, Gates or Steve Jobs the start they needed to bring something really special to the world!



Firstly; becoming the biggest & the main network & platform, for all businesses worldwide; to communicate , network and promote their products or services for FREE.

Secondly; organising the biggest Business Show worldwide, here in London, where exhibition is FREE or as little as £50; and cost NOT in £1000s; so every single person , startup or company can flourish, have a chance to start & expand at no cost or minimum cost. Think more on our Mission & Vision above.

Thirdly; organising Angels Investment Show® the revolutionary, life changing organisation & television series – an extravaganza of small business/start-up pitching, angel investment, fly-on-the-wall business development, audience participation and charitable donations to warm the hearts of all those watching. The aim: to prove that people do not need to be defined by the money, connections and education they have amassed; that success can be possible for those less advantaged in our society who have great aspirations and great ideas; that you can make a difference, see your dream come true, or change the world with the right support behind you. We would love you to join, participate or sponsor.


About Us

If you join our underdevelopment website ( now; you, your services or your offers, will be most known & seen; because all the other members who we add, will check your profile & offers! Make sure to join now to get most opportunities; ( .

We built what you ask for; what no one else have built; FREE features to:

• Know what other members EARN, do or what they are looking for!

• Promote your products, services for FREE. (

• Messaging other members for FREE.

• Book exhibition spot on a map (

• Buy products & services without paying any money!! (

• And many more great features; so register for FREE now HERE. (

With over 30,000 members - “London Entrepreneurs Network" is the ultimate networking and learning opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners in and around London & the UK. The group has been active since 2008. Join The UK's No1 regular, FREE & biggest entrepreneurs network: "London Entrepreneurs Network"

Our objective is to help the following groups:

• anyone considering starting a business (pre startups);

• anyone interested in building a business (startups);

• anyone looking to scale a business;

• anyone seeking funding (Angel, Venture Capital);

anyone interested in networking;

to meet business professionals, investors and like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange knowledge and build successful new business partnerships. We cover all business sectors, so you will definitely make valuable new contacts!

At our networking events we give our members a 30 seconds elevator pitch to introduce themselves and their business (for up to 10 individuals). If you have a product or services to offer to a wide range of people/our members and wish to speak at our events (regarding your businesses), please contact us.

We also organise training, mentoring and round table business lunches, dinner parties/events with special networking opportunities for members to discuss products, services or offers that benefits the group.

Our events provide you and your business in-depth knowledge and opportunities. We encourage our members to attend our events and actively engage in helping others.

If you work for, have or know suitable venues that can help our group or want to help organise an event we welcome your input and co-operation.

If you are an investor or looking for investors please contact or 07591020664 to discuss your situation, or feel free to come to our office to talk to us: WeWork Moorgate (

1 Fore Street, EC2Y 5EJ, London, we appreciate if you let us know your visit in advance to plan & prepare a tea or coffee.

Please do not hesitate to get in-touch if you have any question or suggestion.

Sponsors are always welcomed.

London Entrepreneurs Network ® Limited

Raising money is not a problem. Just fair valuation & proof that people want your products or service. Get in touch.

• Our Partnership & Sponsorship Package, DOWNLOAD; CLICK HERE (

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Our websites & projects:

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• Second Biggest Entrepreneurs Network in Europe; (

• World's only FREE-Accesses Investors & Investees:

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Contact: 07591020664,

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