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This site is dedicated to serving the Iranian community of Greater Washington DC by providing the following:

• It will provide information about past and future events / activities in Washington DC area.

• It will allow event organizer's to post their events and get more exposure, yet at the same time allow interested members to discuss the event before and after the event, for the benefit of the rest of the community.

• It will allow members to make suggestions about future events / activities and with participation from other members turn their suggestion into an organized event.

• It will house an expanding library of valuable Persian books in the Files section.

• It will house an expanding photo gallery of Persian arts in the Photos section.

This site will be a representative of the Iranian community of Washington DC area. Please use professional language when posting to this site. Service oriented networking is highly encouraged, but please do not turn your posts or comments into an advertisement for your business.

No political or ideological debates are allowed on this site. If you are passionate about these topics, you can suggest an event with whoever is interested, but turning this site into a platform for these topics will NOT be allowed. Politics and ideology have divided the Iranian community long enough. Let's set aside our differences here, and instead focus and enjoy all the good things we have in common.

All sections of this site is open only to members and you'll have access and be able to sign up events and be able to propose and host events. As a member you have the privilege not just to come out and enjoy fun and fulfilling events but also gain lasting friendships. You can also use this site to suggest favorite events and activities that will bring social enrichment to the members. (For a complete list of benefits and features of this site please see Member's Help Page in Pages area of the site. Please use the Contact link in the left sidebar to send in your suggestions, comments which help in making productive improvements.)

EVENTS ATTENDANCE DISCLAIMAIR: Please note by joining this group and signing up for events you agree to the membership terms and conditions and wave all the liabilities against event organizers, hosts and any other related third party involved in planning and holding events. Please also note, during events pictures from the event and attendees will be taken and posted on this site just for the purpose of capturing memories, if you do not like your picture taken, it is your responsibility to kindly let the organizers know ahead of time.

EVENT ATTENDANCE EXPECTATIONS: Please note, by signing up to events your attendance is counted on for restaurant reservations and other event arrangement purposes which creates obligations for the organizers and after three "NO SHOW" incidents without prior “ahead of time notification” your membership will be dropped. Once your membership drops you have to wait three months before you can join the group again.

By becoming a member you are showing your support for bringing unity to this Iranian community.

Let's improve this community one member at a time. Thank You for Your Support!

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