What we're about

If you are interested in exploring the rich archaeological heritage of Ireland, this is the place to be!

This Meetup group is about like-minded people getting together to visit major Irish archaeological sites in a relaxed and friendly way.

There is no need to have a background in the subject. However, members should understand that our aim is to visit and understand sites from an archaeological perspective, and that archaeology is a science.

Most archaeological sites involve some degree of cross-country walking, so members should be reasonably comfortable with rough terrain, where necessary. Many of the more dramatic and exciting archaeological sites are situated in upland areas and are not suitable for people with walking difficulties. However, exploring archaeology is best done at a steady pace so generally, the pace will be relaxed.

I am a professional archaeologist with a particular interest in the prehistoric archaeology of upland Ireland. I look forward to meeting like-minded people to come and explore with me and others. I would be very happy to share the little I know about the subject, and if the group develops, I hope to invite other professional archaeologists to share their knowledge with us.

Depending on levels of interest, I hope to broaden the horizons of the group with tours to well known archaeological sites further afield. There are so many sites on this island it would take several lifetimes to see them all.

It would be great to hear from you, and what you think!

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Field trip to the Brusselstown Ring complex

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