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Who are we?
A social network for Sydney-lovin' Irish folk and their Aussie friends to schedule and attend local catch ups.

What's the purpose of the group?
Firstly; to provide Irish folk, happily integrated into Sydney life and living here for the long haul, the opportunity to schedule and attend gatherings in their local area for a quick fix of brekkie, tea and banter. Secondly; to help bring members' Aussie and Irish/expat friends together and celebrate the best of both cultures (preferably at a sizzling barbie under a nice shady tree).

I'm Swedish. Can I join?
For sure, you're more than welcome! The primary purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for Sydney-integrated Irish – most of whom already enjoy strong friendships with other Aussies – to get their fix of Barry's and a quick chat with their fellow expats whenever they feel the need. While the majority of brekkie clubbers are Irish-born, however, the club is also open to anyone who identifies as Irish, has a third-cousin-twice-removed from some town beginning with "Bally-", or is just generally interested in world culture. If you too like copious cups of tea, don't need subtitles to understand the accent and are familiar with 'craic', you're in! Join up here (http://irishbrekkieclub.com/#joinup)!

Are we saying that all things Irish are just a bit better?
Crisps; yes. Weather; no. And when it comes to the rugby, it's head to toe in green all the way (we shout for Aus just as loud, so long as we're not head-to-head). Truth be told, there's loads to love about both Irish life (old friends and family usually top the list) and Australian life. Living in Sydney offers us the fantastic opportunity to meet, work, laugh and learn with others from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures. The warmth of the people, the food, the music, more festivals than you can shake a stick at, nevermind the sunshine; there's always something happening to expand the mind and nourish the soul. In short; the Irish Brekkie Club is all about striking the best balance for those who happen to be big fans of two cultures, at different ends of the earth! We love getting together, swapping stories and having a bit of craic - preferably out in the sunshine, over that quintessential Aussie institution; the big brekkie. We're all about celebrating the best of both worlds.

What's the general demographic?
Age-wise, the majority would be early to late 30s, but we still have loads who join up and come along who are in their late twenties, forties plus a few fifty-pluses too. Otherwise, it's both lads and lassies, partnered, singles and families, north and south, have kids / no kids, straight and gay...the list goes on.

How does it work?
Gatherings are self-created by the members – brekkie clubbers – who live all over Sydney*. A low-key café gathering on a Sat morning / Cuppla cheeky post-work pints at the local / A bbq in the park...the possibilities are endless. With 470+ members, you're bound to meet a few Tayto-hoarders lurking in your 'hood! The gatherings are posted up on our Meetup page. Schedule one yourself or just click 'yes' to the next one that tickles your fancy! Join up here (http://irishbrekkieclub.com/#joinup)!

* NB: gatherings are strictly non-profit, free of any commercial agenda

Is it always the same crowd?
Depends on who's organising the gathering. If it's a regular local group, the crowd is usually 50/50, regulars/newbies. If it's a once-off, it'll all be newbies.

How can I join the club and stay in the loop?
Join up here (http://irishbrekkieclub.com/#joinup)! Look forward to meeting you :)

But what if I'm not into the whole 'Irish scene'?
Whether you live for Guinness, can't play Gaelic to save your life, or prefer just a dash of diddleedee in your life – this is the best place to meet a diverse bunch of others. Perhaps like you, they've been here a good while and have already established strong friendships/relationships with other Aussies/from-wherever friends. Others may have arrived fresh off the boat... or just get a tad homesick from time to time. Loads of members have yet to set foot inside an 'Irish bar' and by the same token, some love the odd pint at PJs. It's up to you to schedule and attend gatherings – and make of it what you like!

"Sounds great! Maybe I'll make a few business contacts...or what about a promo opportunity..."
The brekkies are about personal friendship pure and simple. If professional networking and making business contacts is more your cuppa tea, the Lansdowne Club (http://www.lansdowneclub.com.au/) do a fantastic job with events throughout the year. Re: promotional opportunities – the IBC's annual raffle gives relevant brands/businesses the opportunity to donate prizes and win potential punters over!

Read more here: http://www.irishbrekkieclub.com

Important Notice

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