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The Irish in Europe Association (International) aisbl-

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The Irish in Europe Association (International) aisbl (IEAI) was established in Belgium in 2011 by Royal Decree. The main function is to help the world wide Irish Diaspora living and working in Europe and promote Irish culture,community building, micro integration and inter-state trade through a network of Chapters in Europe. It incorporates the organisational Committee of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade of the Nations & Regions in Brussels.

www.irishineurope.org (http://www.irishineurope.org/)

To achieve its objectives, each Chapter shall build community relations with the local social, cultural and political bodies in their areas. Membership is open to all nationalities living and working in all Chapter areas.

Its integration events include “Crossing Borders on the Terrace” , "Walkers & Talkers" “Crossing Borders on Fridays “and “Health is Wealth Seminars”,Shannon-Clare Trad Irish Sessions, Cork Jazz Festival Club of Brussels, Hibernian Social Club with business orientation. Tourist information Stands on Ireland and Belgium, Irish in Europe Memorial Lectures,Start Your Own Business, Business Mentoring and Seminars. Job Seekers advisory advice etc.For more information on Irish in Europe Cultural & Integration Events Contact:

info@irishineurope.org and or patricks.day.parade@gmail.com

The IEAI shall implement the "Help Ireland in Europe" programme which will assist in the promotion of Irish goods and services and interstate trade in co-operation with other nationalities in Europe.

IEAI seek the provision of an orderly, user-friendly, multi-lingual information on-line service on the operation and transparency of the European Union Internal Market, and the relevant taxation and administrative documents in each of the member states of the European Union.

IEAI seek to facilitate efficient working of the Internal Market by promoting provision of specific educational and training opportunities in all regions where unemployment rates are above the European Union average. These provisions would include multi-lingual training in innovation and entrepreneurship; job skills and language-training; start your own business, trade and business expansion scheme studies; and tax compliance studies.

The 2019 year theme of the Irish in Europe Association shall be:

´´ Irish Culture Supporting Democracy,Diversity & The Single Market ´´

Non-Profit International Association - Registered in Belgium - Enterprise Number 835467433

Brussels & Etterbeek Irish in Europe Chapter shall be the first Chapter of the Irish in Europe Association (International) AISBL to be established in Belgium. The main function of this Chapter is to promote Irish culture, community building and integration in the Brussels City and Etterbeek Communes. It will also assist in the organisation of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade of the Nations & Regions. To achieve its objectives, the Chapter shall build community relations with the local social, cultural and political bodies in the Communes. The work of the Chapter shall be conducted in English, French and Dutch. Membership is open to all nationalities living and working in all areas of Brussels Capital Region. More Chapters will be established in other Communes at a later date. Please register your interest with Brussels & Etterbeek Irish in Europe Chapter: brussels.and.etterbeek.chapter@gmail.com.

La branche « Bruxelles & Etterbeek – Irlandais en Europe » sera la première section de l’association (internationale) AISBL des Irlandais en Europe à être établie en Belgique. La fonction principale de cette section est de promouvoir la culture irlandaise et l’intégration dans la ville de Bruxelles et la commune d’Etterbeek. Elle participera aussi à l'organisation de la journée de Saint Patrick de Bruxelles des nations et des régions.Pour atteindre ses objectifs, la section établira des relations communautaires avec les organes locaux sociaux, culturels et politiques de la commune. Les langues utilisées seront l’anglais, le français et le néerlandais. L’adhésion n’est ouverte à toute personne de toute nationalité vivant ou travaillant dans la région bruxelloise. D’autres sections seront ouvertes ultérieurement dans d’autres communes. Nous vous remercions de manifester votre intérêt sur le site Brussels & Etterbeek Irish in Europe Chapter: brussels.and.etterbeek.chapter@gmail.com .

De tak « Brussel & Etterbeek – Ieren in Europa» zal de eerste sectie van de (internationale) vereniging AISBL van Ieren in Europa zijn die in België gevestigd is.De belangrijkste functie van deze sectie is de promotie van de Ierse cultuur in de stad Brussel en de gemeente Etterbeek. Zijzal ookhelpen bijde organisatie vande dag "Saint Patrick's Day Parade of the Nations & Regions - Brussel"Om zijn doelstellingen te bereiken, zal de sectie communautaire relaties tot stand brengen met de sociale, locale en politieke organen van de gemeente.De gebruikte talen zijn Engels, Frans en Nederlands.Lidmaatschap is vrij voor alle nationaliteiten die leven of werken in de Brusselse regio.Andere secties zullen later opgericht worden in andere gemeenten. Indien interessen registreert U op Brussels & Etterbeek Irish in Europe Chapter: brussels.and.etterbeek.chapter@gmail.com .

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Clocks may go back but go Forward with Claddagh Toastmasters of Brussels

Co-working & Meeting Rooms Centre (Near Schuman)

Claddagh Toastmasters have again resumed their room meetings in a managed room environment respecting social distancing regulations with specific protocols for the meeting room set-up and participants. All guests are obliged to wear face coverings. We now teach members to organise work meetings and small conferences under Covid19 guidelines.

Due to Social Distancing guidelines, places for guests are limited, need to register to secure your seat to: claddagh.toastmasters(at)gmail.com . Admission is free.

Communicate & Lead with Confidence, on how to organise and prepare for face to face meetings on how to address audiences while at same time respect and adapt to Covid19 working environments.
Are you scared of speaking in public? Nervous about that Best Man speech? Worried about Interview/ making presentations at work? Or just wanting to gain self-confidence? Then you've come to the right place!

Since 2005, Claddagh Toastmasters of Brussels has been helping people of all nationalities in Brussels to improve their communication and leadership skills. We aim to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop at their own pace, which in turn fosters self-confidence and personal growth.

How does it work?
We have a ‘learn by doing’ approach. Our members present speeches to develop a variety of public speaking skills, and also carry out a variety of other meeting roles to practice skills such as listening and giving feedback. Each member works at their own pace – some people like to throw themselves into giving speeches straight away, while others prefer to spend some time attending meetings and carrying out smaller roles to build up their confidence.

Claddagh Toastmaster Members participate in educational programme called Pathways tailor made to meet the needs of the member.

You are invited to Claddagh Toastmasters, guests are most welcome and bring a friend if you wish.
We meet on Thursday 4th November at 7:00 PM to - Welcome coffee. Guests should arrive by 18.45.
Co-working & Meeting Rooms Centre,
The Mug,
Rue Charles Martel 8, Brussels 1000,
(Near Schuman(Berlaymont exit) & Maelbeek Metro stops) Known as ´The Mug´. It is one minute´s walk from the Meeting Point Pub & restaurant on Rue Taciturne)

Claddagh Toastmasters helps you to develop your skills in public speaking, planning, leadership training, and managing your time. They aim is to provide a fun and social environment in which to practice your skills.

Claddagh Toastmasters are a club with an Irish Flair with a membership from about ten different nationalities. English is mainly spoken at the meeting but there is an opportunity for Irish speakers to speak in Irish (second oldest spoken language in Europe).

You are most welcome to join us as a guest for this 'demonstration meeting' at no cost to see how the club works. Guests will be be asked for a short introduction at the start of the meeting and for their feedback at the end of the meeting. During the meeting there is a coffee break where you can network and discuss the training programme with members. You will also be invited to make a small contribution towards the cost of the teas, coffees and cookies.

Come and experience it for yourself!
Last thing (finally !!!): the first part of the meeting will be held as usual with Table Topics and impromptu speeches and second part consists of prepared speeches given by members in accordance with set objectives followed by evaluations to improve. There is no obligation for guests to speak unless they agree to do so. Afterwards guests can decide if you want to become a member or come back again for a second meeting as a guest.

They then go a local pub afterwards for a drink, this is optional...


Irish in Europe Remembrance Saturday

Anglo-Belgian War Memorial

11th Annual Irish in Europe Remembrance Saturday.
The Irish in Europe Association (International) aisbl in compliance with its aims and objectives remembers all Irish and the Irish Diaspora in all armies who died in all wars and conflicts. IEAI in particular remembers the 50,000 Irish who died and estimated 500,000 members of the Irish Diaspora in all Armies who participated during the liberation of Belgium in the first and second world wars.

We also remember the work of the forgotten 6,000 Irish Red Cross Nurses who gave so much to the wounded.

2021 Irish in Europe Year Theme:´´
''From the League of Nations to the United Nations - Ireland making a difference''

Let those who come after us see to it that their names be not forgotten”.

It will have 11 nth. annual Irish in Europe Remembrance Saturday in Brussels on Saturday 13 November.
Full details of the remembrance programme will be posted closer to the date. We expect to have an morning and afternoon event.

“Your Donation to help defray costs would be much appreciated“
Bank: Crelan
Name account: IEAI
Account nr:[masked]
IBAN: BE[masked]

Read about the Irish Peace Tower in Flanders

Cuimhnímid ar na hÉireannaigh go léir a fuair bás sna hairm go léir sna cogaí agus sna coinbleachtaí go léir. Tugaimid Chun cuimhne go háirithe an 50, 000 Éireannach a fuair bás le linn Shaoradh Na Beilge SA chéad agus SA dara cogadh domhanda. Go bhféacha an ghlúin a thiocfaidh inár ndiaidh chuige nach ndéanfar dearmad ar a n-ainmneacha siúd'

We remember all Irish in all armies who died in all wars and conflicts. We in particular remember the 50,000 Irish who died during the liberation of Belgium in the first and second world wars. “Let those who come after us see to it that their names be not forgotten”

Wij herdenken alle Ieren in alle legers die sneuvelden in alle oorlogen en conflicten. Wij herdenken in het bijzonder de[masked] Ieren die het leven lieten in de bevrijding van België in de Eerste en Tweede Wereldoorlog. “Laat deze die na ons komen, erover waken dat hun namen nooit vergeten zullen worden ”

” Nous pensons à tous les Irlandais de toutes les armées qui sont morts dans toutes les guerres et conflits. Nous nous souvenons en particulier des[masked] Irlandais morts pour la libération de la Belgique durant la première et la seconde guerre mondiale. “ ““Leurs noms ne soient jamais oubliés par ceux qui nous suivrons .

Brussels Saint Patrick's Irish in Europe Féile/Festival

Needs a location

Planning has now started for the programme of cultural activities for our Annual Irish in Europe Saint Patrick's Féile/Festival in 2022 with the Brussels Saint Patrick's Day Parade of the Nations & Regions in the heart of Brussels as our main flagship event.

If you have any suggestions or if you or your group would like to get involved in any aspect of the parade and or cultural programme, please contact us.

The Shannon –Clare Trad Irish Jam Sessions
Needs a date and time

The Meeting Point

The Shannon –Clare Trad Irish Jam Sessions will be starting sh If you play a musical instrument or sing or do a gig or two, please let us know as wish to assemble and or support new band and cultural groups with the pool of talent that is now in Belgium or in the process of arriving.

if you play Trad Irish music and want to organise Jam contact


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