BCC: Design simple and beautiful websites with the Bulma framework

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**This event is designed for participants of the Berlin Coding Challenge. The Berlin Coding Challenge is a free online coding course designed by Ironhack. You cannot join the course anymore, but if you like coding and want to assist our Bulma Framework workshop, we will be happy to have you.**

The mystery event is not so mysterious anymore!

Designing websites in CSS is often hard and time-consuming for web developers. Bulma.io comes to the rescue by changing the way you do web design CSS!

During the workshop, we will learn the basics of Bulma:
- Why is it useful?
- How can I layout very simply a website with it?
- How can I use its components?
- How can I customize Bulma?

You will need to have some basics about HTML and CSS, and, VERY IMPORTANT: YOUR COMPUTER, fully charged.

Ready to learn design fast?? 🚀This tool will be important to make your final project (or any of your projects) beautiful.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!