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Riding a motorcycle can offer a lifetime of enjoyment with the realization that we are always learning and continually looking for ways to improve how we ride in order for it to be fun. This group is here to provide riders the opportunity to support each other in becoming better riders. Yes we'll have fun but our focus is always on safety and always striving to be better riders.

Requirements for membership:

1) Successful completion of the MSF course with, of course, your M1 license. If we're to share information with each other other, I want it to be the correct information.

2) A willingness to approach riding with a "beginner's mind", always learning, or un-learning bad habits. This requires you to be an honest self-assessor. Always be willing to learn from your mistakes, and be willing to share it so that others can learn from you as well. In addition, if someone has a suggestion that may improve your riding, take it seriously and consider it before dismissing it completely. No one in this group is perfect. If someone thinks they are, then they are encouraged to graduate themselves to the Perfect Motorcycle Riding Group.

3) Respect for all levels of experience within the group. When we do group rides, the ride will be catered to the least experienced in the group.

4) A willingness to speak up. When we do rides, there will be a pre-ride brief. It is your responsibility to let the group know that there is something about the ride you'd like to work on. For example, if we're doing a ride through twisties, and you've never road the twisties before, tell the group during the pre-ride brief. This will allow the group lead to adjust the ride accordingly.

5) Teamwork while riding in groups. Look out for each other on group rides.

6) As a member, it is hoped that you will actively participate in this group not just by going to events, but creating them or helping out in rides/activities.

7) It is highly encourange that you participate in formal m/c riding education opportunities. "The motorcycle riders involved in accidents are essentially without training; 92% were self-taught or learned from family or friends. Motorcycle rider training experience reduces accident involvement and is related to reduced injuries in the event of accidents." The HURT report: http://www.clarity.ne... (http://www.clarity.net/adam/hurt-report.html)

8) No alcohol consumption on group rides.

9) If I see that a member has lost interest in the group - i.e. hasn't visited the page for over 1 year, I'll remove them. They are more than welcome to rejoin at a later time.


1) None of us are professional coaches or motorcycle instructors. This group is for the purpose of supporting you in your learning. As a motorcycle rider in this group, you are responsible for your own choices and decisions. Ride within your skill limits and if you execute a bad choice or decision with corresponding consequences, we will be there to dust you off and support you as friends and fellow riders.

Use your honest self assessment skills to determine when you're riding above your skill level, and adjust your ride accordingly.

2) In addition, we use photos and video as learning tools and a way to commemorate our rides. These photos are public. If you're camera shy for any reason, it is your responsibility to take whatever necessary precautions you'd like, to keep whatever you want out of the pictures.

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