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This group is for couples that are in an open relationship, whether one or both are allowed to have relationships with other people. We will explore the beauty and the challenges that open relationships face, to include feelings of jealousy, fear, feeling inadequate, and many more. We will also discuss the many forms that open relationships take, from both couples being comfortable with letting the whole world know that they are in an open relationship, to couples that do not want anyone to know, and how to navigate communicating their needs to other while limiting their exposure. We will also discuss topics surrounding what if one person wants to be in an open relationship, but the other person does not. We will also discuss the potential ramifications of cheating and having affairs while in an open relationship, such as where one partner is not telling the other about it, and when there is a rule to always tell the other partner. We will not discuss affairs or cheating outside of open relationships as that topic does not fall within the realm of open relationships, as open relationships start from trust and honesty, and the non open relationship cheating and infidelity is usually rooted in lack of trust and deception, and the issues that are too deep to address in this meetup.

The intent is to engage in honest conversation with complete anonymity, and in a safe environment. This group is not led by any professionals. All information or advice provided will be based on member's own opinions and experiences, and by no means is the information to be taken as professional advice. Each person must determine whether the information provided or discussed can be a benefit to them, but in the end, each person is 100% accountable for taking any action based on information expressed by anyone in this meetup.

We highly encourage all members to consider engaging professional counseling if you believe your circumstances require it (only you will know), or if you determine that your issues are not being resolved to your expectations by the discussions or information provided by members of this meetup.

Rule #1 - We ask our members to create a profile with alias names and NO pictures. So if you meetup with us, you will remain anonymous. However, it is your option if you want to use your real identities.

Rule #2 - Members must agree to conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner during all communications.

Rule # 3 - Make all attempt to refrain from expressing value judgments (right/wrong, good or bad) when communicating. It is best to provide your point of view, without discounting or negating any other person's point of view. There are always different ways of looking at a situation.

Rule #4 - The host may remove members if the host determines that a member is not being civil and respectful, or if the host determines that a member's communication or comments are reflective of behavior that is contrary to the intent of this meetup.

We have no control or responsibility over information or identities divulged if members decide to provide their actual names and contact information to other members, so be careful when deciding to divulge your personal information to other members.

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