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Have You Been Seeking Or Searching For More In Your Spiritual Growth?

We address all Psychic Phenomena, the deeper aspects of Spirituality, Hauntings, Telepathic Healing assisting the body back to Wellness, Self-Realization and into Ascension.

Joey Dèva openly shares every technique he employs. Joey is the Healer’s Healer, he is the Spiritual Guide for other Masters and a Relationship Guru.

Telepathic Healing is a process of awakening healing in another on their highest spiritual level, encompassing a person’s body, mind, and spirit as a whole. After only one session, on average it will take between 30 – 90 days for total wellness to return.

If you have been seeking more in your spiritual growth or telepathic healing on an incredible level bringing the body back to wellness, this group is for you.

In each group, we will discuss all facets of spirituality, healing, Q&A on any topic, along with a powerful meditation experience with nature.

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