What we're about

If you are having issues with confidence, esteem, social anxiety, getting past trauma or drama our group is for you!

We will discover tools to overcome, recover and grow to be better people in many aspects of life.

Break the mental and emotional chains that bind your emotions, life, career and relationships with new tools and life skills.

I started my adult life living by my parents rules and direction but without much of my own. I've been using Scientology tools to raise my income, have better happier relationships, run my own business, gain esteem and become an awarded ballroom dancer and instructor.

My greatest purpose is to help others so here is a place for us to share some useful tools for life skills and management.

All our meetup activities are free with no obligation. What is true for you is true for you!!! I'm just hoping to help you find your TRUTH and Power in life.

Sometimes we have a $5 booklet available, that we will mail for free, if our topics are interesting to you - but again - no obligation.

feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns. I'm happy to help!

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