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Island Lesbian Social - Building our Victoria LBTQ2 Community Meetup is OUR private social networking site for all lesbian-self-identified womyn (LBTQ2) living within our beautiful Greater Victoria area.

January 7/23 Update: After six years as your Organizer and with 235 Victoria lesbian events, Ev is hoping to retire ... We have a couple of interested, active Victoria women -- and we would love to hear from more of you from our 770 Greater Victoria area Meetup members who'd be interested in hosting smaller lesbian events within our Greater Victoria area. More to follow later this spring 2023.

For now, if you have an Island Lesbian Social - Building Our Victoria LBTQ2 Community Meetup event in our Greater Victoria that you would like to host, please Personal Message Ev with your details ... date, time frame, location, and brief description.

Thank You, everyone, who have so positively supported our past local lesbian events! There have been 235 Greater Victoria-area Island lesbian Social events hosted over the past six years, limited to OUTDOOR LESBIAN events during covid 19 and often at Ev's outdoor oceanside Saanich Peninsula home, and generally including: lesbian BYO byo-picnics, lesbian music jams, lesbian music concerts, lesbian games afternoons,.

We are a MEETUP social group -- ie we want to spend quality time together with other women, in person socially and mutually respectfully! Each one of you is an interesting and valued lesbian-self-identified-womyn within our local Greater Victoria area. We sincerely appreciate you as a positive supporter of our Island Lesbian Social - Building Our Victoria LBTQ2 Community Meetup's social activities and LBTQ2-building goal:)      
Our Meetup been around for many years, now approx 700 lesbian members all living within our South Vancouver Island community.

We're PRIVATE, welcoming of all lesbian-self-identified local residents. Early in 2011, Jacqueline founded our "Island Lesbian Social" Meetup, organizing a few lesbian outdoors walks and several lesbian dinner restaurant events. Cheryl continued this loving commitment for three more years, organizing monthly Island Lesbian Social restaurant/ private home dinner events. Since May 2016, Ev is and has been Volunteer Organizer for Island Lesbian Social - Building Our Victoria LBTQ2+ Community Meetup.

The Goal of Island Lesbian Social - Building Our Community is to provide/ promote/ encourage a wide range of small (5-12 during summer lesbian gatherings involving a wide range of activities within our Greater Victoria area.-------------------
PLEASE NOTE: For those not yet "out"/ completely "out", there are a several emotional-safety features within our island Lesbian Social Meetup site:
1. Our Event Titles (which have limited letters) incorporate brief phrases to help guide readers, such as "LESBIAN", "Lesbian-oriented", or "Lesbian-friendly", or simply "PUBLIC event";
2. We do NOT publish phone numbers nor personal emails. (Instead, please use our Meetup's Personal Message System -- top left corner on each Member's Profile - to contact another member);
3. Our Events will list sufficient detail within the Event Description that you, as our Island lesbian Social Meetup member, will have a good feel for the environment and participants. (Beginning in mid November 2019, we are having "Members Only" Events - at least on a trial basis. If you'd like to come with a guest or guests, please ask her to apply to be a Member (VERY easy) and once approved she can RSVP herself. This helps us all get to know each other more easily:) )
4. You must post a photograph of your face on your Member's profile, so we're able to recognize you at a local event -- AND you are able to recognize our other Lesbian Meetup members who have RSVPd they are also attending a particular event.
If you want to go to one of our Island Lesbian Social - Building Our LBTQ2 Community Meetup events, please add your "yes" RSVP to that event. Most of our Island Lesbian Social Meetup events are small (5-12) events and your "yes" RSVP reserves your spot -- and helps the event host(s) prepare for these events.... And, when we list lesbian/LGBT2Q-friendly public events on Island Lesbian Social - Building Our LBTQ2 Community Meetup events, your RSVP helps us find each other at those LGBTQ2-friendly public events:)  
If YOU hear of an interesting lesbian-focused (or LGBTQ2-friendly) socially-distancing-safe local event, please PM/ Personal Message Ev (I'm your volunteer Meetup Organizer) with the details. To do this, go to Ev's Member's Page, and top left corner is the PM feature. This way, Island lesbian Social Meetup can list this lesbian or lesbian-friendly event on our Island lesbian Social - Building our Community Events Calendar. We're a wonderful group to meet and get to know each other in our local womyn's community, just by chilling together for a few hours every so often:)
If YOU are performing in Victoria (music, art, etc) at a socially-distancing-safe event, please Personal Message Ev your details - brief description, date, times, address, cost, etc - and I'll happy promote on our Meetup suite.
Also: if there's a socially-distancing-safe activity that you'd like to enjoy with our other local Lesbian Social members, select your first preference day and time to enjoy that activity and and how many attendees would be ideal -- and then PM/ Personal Message me (Ev, volunteer Meetup Organizer) with the details. I'll help set up your Island Lesbian Social Meetup activity event. There's likely many Island Lesbian Social Meetup members that share your enthusiasm for a particular type of event or activity! 
Annual Membership Dues are $5 each year, to help with the associated costs of running and maintaining our Island Lesbian Social - Building Our LBTQ2 Community Meetup (My personal credit card gets charged by $120 every 6 months as your Volunteer Organizer; I deeply appreciate your timely annual $5 dues - the price of a coffee to you:) ) . A current and identifiable profile photo is required to join and be an Island Lesbian Social member (we like to see who we're meeting and it helps us find you at Meetups -- another reason why when you RSVP to an Event it really helps everyone:) ). This also helps maintain the security of our respectful-to-all group.  
Island Lesbian Social - Building Our LBTQ2 Community Meetup is technically a small business owned by Ev Andrews. (I only learned this as I was taking over as Volunteer Organizer four years ago, having volunteered "at the 11th hour" so our Meetup site didn't closed. Meetup had actively searched for three months among our Island lesbian Social Meetup membership for a Volunteer Organizer:) ) Meetup International automatically charges my credit card each six months, Meetup costs of approx $300/year. So: PLEASE tangibly show us YOUR support by ... paying your $5/ year dues - every year ... attending our local lesbian events ... and Personal Messaging me details of any lesbian-friendly local events so I can promote on our Island lesbian Social site. We ALL benefit from our upbeat, welcoming, all-inclusive LBTQ2 Community:)
Let's get Out and Proud ... and welcome with love and compassion ALL of our Island Lesbian Social Meetup members, including those who may not yet have begun their "coming out" journey:)
Year 2021 is the Year of Creativity, Collaboration and Fresh Beginnings -- Join us! Become active with Vancouver Island BC's Island Lesbian Social - Building Our LBTQ2 Community Meetup! We'd love to have you join:)
Please contact me, via contact the Organizer, if you have any questions.

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