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Organizers: Nicholas Appel
Janine Fusco
If for any reason the day of the event you are hnable to make it please update your RSVP status as some people may still want to come.
The 'buck bucket' will be put out at the beginning of the event. Any donations would certainly be appreciated. Also, events will be created wednesdays between 5pm and 6pm. If it ever to become a problem ill start creating them for the month.

HARD Limit is 10 acoustic guitars. This limit does NOT apply to OTHER instruments (vocalists, violinists, accordions, percussionists...) Please arrive a few minutes early all singers/players to allow time for greetings, set up & tuning. We welcome players of non-amplified acoustic instruments; i.e. acoustic guitars, non-drum-kit percussionists, wood as a courtesy to flutists, vocalists, etc. To join us, you should:

1) Have a guitar and capo, or other acoustic instrument

2) Be open to most kinds of music (but no classical or rap)

3) Bring enough copies (for the group) of lyrics/ chords for songs you want to play (to be returned to you)

4) Be able to play basic chords, e.g. A, Am, C, D E, Em F, G

5) Show appreciation and encouragement for others' efforts

We take turns leading songs, but we are a no-pressure Meet-Up, and you can play or pass on your turn.

A great resource for music with chords (printable) is Ultimate Guitar:


The goal of this Meetup is to be a place where you can:

1) Play and sing with other guitarists and musicians

2) Share songs you like, or wrote, and show us how to play

3) Learn new songs and expand your repertoire

4) Offer playing tips to others, and learn new tips

5) Appreciate and encourage fellow players

6) Gain confidence in your playing/singing

We welcome all levels; however if you're at the professional level, we'd love to have you, but you may need a little more patience than others. ;). If you're an early beginner, best to hone your skills and check back with us.

We meet in the Sky Bar, second floor of Harbour Isle's main clubhouse (Beach Club). When entering Harbour Isle, please stop at security booth and inform guard you are going to the Beach Club. Follow road to the end (about 1 mile, it is the large, stand alone, building on your left) Come with a full belly and beverages of your choice (please take whatever you bring with you when leaving)

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