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Love to play and learn Boardgames and Card Games? We play and teach classic and new Geek games, every day of the week. No cost to learn. We cater to working adults that like to hang out with fellow gamers after work and on the weekends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere of geekiness and laughter.

Upcoming events (5+)

X-Wing League

Isle of Gamers

Players of all levels are welcome in this weekly X-Wing League

D&D Expeditions

Isle of Gamers

This is 5th edition Expeditions, Levels 1 - 10 which welcomes new and old gamers alike. DMs also welcome! This event is already very full, so we have to limit the number of new players so we have tables for everyone. More details here-- https://warhorn.net/events/isle-of-gamers-dnd-5e


Isle of Gamers

We are looking for intrepid Pathfinders willing to venture to the far corners of Golarion to influence people, explore ancient ruins, and acquire artifacts. Not your idea of fun? Then become a scurvy pirate and sail the seas around the Shackles acquiring loot after you kill the sharks. Join us on Thursday evenings, starting March 19 at 6:30pm and join Pathfinder Society Organized Play, we expect to offer both the role playing game and the Skull & Shackles cooperative card game. We ask all gamers to spend at least $5 when they come to game. This money can be banked for future purposes. Please sign up on Warhorn ( https://warhorn.net/events/isle-of-gamers-pfs ) so the DM's know to expect you.

My Little Pony Constructed Tournament

Isle of Gamers

Bring your deck and play in this weekly Constructed Tournament.

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Legend of the Five Rings

Isle of Gamers

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