What we're about

The Israel-Asia Center (www.israelasiacenter.org) is an Israeli not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a shared future between Israel and Asia, and preparing Israel for a prosperous and secure future in the Asian century.

We are the leading educational organization delivering:

• Leadership programs - providing future leaders in Israel and Asia with the skills, knowledge and networks to become force-multipliers in strengthening Israel-Asia relations.

• Public education and thought-leadership events - exploring the future of Israel-Asia relations, key trends, developments and challenges in Asia, and how we can work together to co-innovate solutions.


Past events (12)

Navigating a new norm: Lessons from the Asian Tigers

Online event

Xi's vision for China's global future - and what it means for Israel

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - conference center

No Good Options on North Korea?

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - conference center

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