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In the last few years China has experienced vast economic growth, living standards have risen and quality of life has grown.

These factors and more have sharpened China's focus on the Healthcare industry. China is facing major issues and challenges in the field. Israel is one of the most advanced places in the world in terms of new technologies and innovation in the field of Healthcare, with an advanced local Healthcare system including public hospitals, HMO, advanced research institutions and much more. Within the Israeli Healthcare model, field experience, products and technology, there are many opportunities for cooperation with the Chinese market.
The goal of the Israel-China Healthcare investment Forum is to develop a new bridge between China and Israel in the Healthcare field, creating a venue for exchange of ideas, new cooperation,mutual study and understanding and introducing Chinese investors with the best of Israeli technology companies in the medical area.

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Pharma Companies 1-on-1

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Shanghai Creation Investment Medtech Roadshow

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Chongqing Global Medical Innovation Forum

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