Meet the Technology Investors!!


Who should attend:
Israeli based existing teams or companies that already have a product or service or working a pilot program. Please have some traction and we expect you to be in the software, SaaS or b2b industries.

Spinach is a group of angel investors focused on Pre-Seed investments, operating since 2014 with the goal of supporting and financing innovative Israeli companies with early- stage funding.
Spinach is comprised of a pool of experienced angel investors, with collective net worth of over $2bn, who decided to act together and provide financial and managerial support to entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of realizing their dreams and building their companies.
We believe in super-simple deals, and move extremely fast so that the founders can focus on developing their products and businesses. We see ourselves as the founders’ ‘friends- and-family’ initial support.

General Partners and Speakers:
Avi is an experienced Internet entrepreneur, and has been involved in building tech companies with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Avi has been investing in and advising early stage startups for many years, and since 2014 has been a GP of Spinach Angels fund.

Gal comes from a corporate and legal background, with vast experience in the Israeli startup scene, working with both startups and investors. In recent years Gal has shifted his focus to early stage investments and has been a GP at Spinach Angels Fund since 2014.

Be prepared to pitch and/or actively participate in a speed dating round with the investors. Please be prepared with General questions of interest. We will also have a company or two who were previously invested in by our investors and you will hear from them on what to expect from working with investors and best practice tips.

The presentation will be in English and in Hebrew.