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Israeli/International-English Speaking Vegan-Raw Business Mixers and Business Referrals Network is a group of people who are willing to share their ideas for improving their business or sales techniques and enhancing their corporate and/or professional images, and their personal lives in good health, and in concern for the ecology.

Together, we choose to share sales concepts, lead development ideas that help us all increase our sales with our businesses and/or ourselves.

Israeli-English Speaking Vegan Business Mixers is all about finding new ways to increase our sales and profits while enjoying healthy meals made by Kosher caterers or dining together at Kosher restaurants, or socializing at Organic Kosher-Vegan-Raw pot lucks.

The idea of a group of individuals sharing similar viewpoints is that one learns from one another, and strengthens convictions, supporting each other's way of life. This lifestyle is harmonious and all-inclusive and there is a warm welcome feeling in its midst! No matter where you are in the world, this group can be a source of inspiration, joy and informative.

Do ask any question you are seeking an answer to, and we will do our best to get you the solution!

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Sustainable composting/organic vegetable garden in pots, no need for land!

Sustainable composting/organic vegetable garden in pots, no need for land!

Come join in for a four-session (every Friday morning towards the end of June until the beginning of August) for three hours each time, for only 120 NIS each time (total 480 NIS) to learn more contact Ya'acov[masked] and/or Maoz[masked].


23 Granite Street

Kfar Yona,


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Raw Vegan Kosher Parve Bat Mitzvah
Needs a date and time


Vegan Raw Kosher Parve Bat-Mitzvah

10/10 at 10:00

(Oct. 10th,

2015 in the morning)

... at Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue (House of Peace)

...upstairs in the Library Minyan... Do you think whether or not holding such totally vegan Kiddushim following events which are attended not only by vegans but all sorts of lifestyle followers is becoming more popular? If so, and you were to hold one, as well, would you be worried, for example, that individuals might not be satisfied by having vegan alternatives, or different choices, than those they might have been used to?

In the case of the recent Bat Mitzvah, the one in charge of what's served to eat was very apprehensive, and at first did not want to agree to allow the fish and the dairy and eggs to be left out. His reasoning was that he had had the experience, in the past, of eating vegan food on more than one occasion, and in each case, he admitted that he remembered feeling quite hungry, following the meal, and was very worried that others might, similarly feel unsatisfied, or un-satiated, or lacking, and might complain about this situation, leading to some uncomfortable apologizing necessary afterwards...

Rather than turn away folks, and give them the impression that one has to make quite amazing sacrifices by choosing vegan forms of nourishment, what would you have recommended be done? Having mixed feelings about this, some much needed research was done.

It turns out that a special product, labeled O-U Kosher, was amazingly versatile, it's the Raw Nori Sheets, packed carefully in a very large packet of about fifty sheets or so, altogether!!! Perfect. Now for the filling... that's a bit of a challenge, recipe soon to follow, but as for lox and cream cheese, it turns out that there is a special delicious product made by Daiya with a substance that semolina or tapioca is made from, it's a root vegetable, known, possibly, as the yucca, and this cream cheese is also Kosher, pearly-white, soft and spreadable...

The imitation Kosher smoked salmon looked attractively appetizing, pink and seemingly authentic, and of course, having lots of fresh fruit (excluding strawberries) and raw veggies (excluding broccoli) and many different raw vegan options, because of the variety, also helped and in addition, making sure to have somewhat large quantities of food, so that one wouldn't miss what was NOT there, ha, ha, ha!!!

The food is usually a controversial issue when it comes to considering a totally new lifestyle. However, despite the lengthy description, above, it's not the main focus of the Bat Mitzvah. Hopefully, persons can see the parallel issues that might be gleaned from the B'Reishit Torah Portion, in the beginning, in Genesis - including the story of the Garden of Eden -- and thinking of prophetic quotes from Isaiah when the wolf dwells with the lamb, etc...

Do you agree many Jewish vegans see this significant Biblical point of view, simply the most ideal solution, from a spiritual viewpoint? Were we all to become Vegan, Peace would be closer to becoming within our reach, and compassion, foregiveness, consideration and love, with the commitment to changing the outcome to better the ecology while aiming to ever reach more ethical standards, and closeness to Hashem, exploring what was G-d's real ideal diet for man?

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