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Hey guys!

This is a group for anyone interested getting their dog a dog company and a playmate. I am new here so I am not sure yet of how this will go.

I noticed that there are not any groups related to dogs (at least I couldn't find them). I would like to create a small dog playgroup because my dog feels lonely since we moved here. She is a mixed 2-years-old terrier of 14 kgs with a lot of evergy.

I would like to create a small group of dogs and if its possible I would like to introduce these dogs to my dog one by one at the beginning and hopefully after a certain point they can all meet and play together.

A good meeting point for me is Bostancı sahil.

Do you live in Bostancı or nearby?
Do you have a dog who needs company?
Do you have more ideas about this group?

I would love to hear from you,

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