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Change Data Capture with Debezium and Apache Kafka

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Change Data Capture with Debezium and Apache Kafka


Nowadays scalability is the main concern for many growing organizations and Apache Kafka brings a solution for this in many ways. However when it comes to data, and it's being inconsistent through the systems like Apache Kafka and databases, it becomes a real problem for the companies that run their business over scalability and consistency of data.

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a software design pattern that monitors and captures changes to a database and passes corresponding change events to a data streaming pipeline.

In this event we will talk about;

How Debezium implements CDC and streams all the changes from datastores such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB into Kafka.
How you can react to change events in near real-time.
How Debezium is designed to not compromise on data correctness and completeness if things go wrong.
A small demo showing how to set up a change data stream using Debezium, Strimzi on Kubernetes&OpenShift.


Aykut has a professional career consists of both software engineering and consultancy for about 15 years. He has involved in many enterprise projects -mainly Java- and used many open-source products including Red Hat JBoss stack in the first place. Nowadays he works on containerization with OpenShift Container Platform, application modernization, microservices, and open-source projects like Apache Kafka, Strimzi. He likes to share the Software Craftsmanship culture and organizes events with his friends for Software Craftsmanship Turkey community. Currently, he works as a Middleware & AppDev Consultant at Red Hat.

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