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So it seems that most of us on this planet actually will not be able to live forever and our time may be limited. The good news is you have found the best group IN THE UNIVERSE to collect as many awesome memories in that time. This group will have no limitations, we will attempt to do EVERYTHING so long as it's fun and exciting. From kickboxing lessons to box kicking sessions. "The Black List" viewing parties to Care Bear discussion groups. Paintball, hiking, game nights, manatee saving, pub trivia, capture the flag, Ninja Turtles cartoon marathons (this is sooo happening)...let's do it all! And hopefully, meet some cool, unique, and half-crazy people along the way.

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Betrayal at House on the Hill @RARITAN Panera

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*You DO NOT need to know how to play. All newcomers are welcome. The game is quick to teach* Every two weeks this night is dedicated solely to playing the board game “Betrayal at House on the Hill” which is an adventure/exploration style game in which you must explore a haunted house opening rooms and dealing with any consequences you find. At the halfway point one explorer is turned Traitor and must more or less murder everyone else, while the others defend and attempt to survive. I only have one copy of the game and it plays a max of 6 which will be the limit size of this event unless others offer to bring their copy. If you can bring a copy let me know ahead of time so I can up the attendee limit of this event. This game offers 50 different “Traitor” scenarios. As we get through about half I will buy the Expansion Pack that adds a new floor and 50 new scenarios. The game is rated for approximately 1hr playtime. However as many know it can go longer, and in some cases much shorter. It is my goal to play two games per night. A third game is unlikely but time and participant willingness will make that a night by night call. As always please consider making a purchase from Panera as to keep them happy with our using of their table(s).

Boardgame Night at Panera

Panera Bread Flemington

We will use a few of the tables at the Panera to play some board games! I will bring some of my favorite games to teach or play and if you have a favorite bring it along! We will start with a larger group game and then we may split off into smaller games as the night goes on. Since this meet up will be taking place at a Panera, please respect their rules and please consider purchasing either a meal or beverage so we will be welcome for future meet ups! I look forward to seeing you all their!

Game Night @ The Stone Bead at Riverside Tea & Coffee (Clinton Tea & Coffee)

Join us for board games at the Stone Bean at Riverside Tea and Coffee (formerly known as Clinton Tea and Coffee). New board gamers welcome. I'll be bringing a fair number of games, but feel free to bring your own as well. Fair warning: Parking can be a problem in Clinton on Friday nights, so the earlier you can get there the better your chances of getting a spot near the site. Also, the seating area is rather small. so I'm limiting the attendance to six players, though I may increase that if there is enough demand. Let me know if you have any questions.

Trivia Night @ The Royal

The Royal

Are you one of those people who interject with random facts at parties, hoping to impress the ladies? Have you always dreamed of meeting a man who knows how many toes a dog has, or what a female swan is called? Do you seek a higher purpose in life? While we cannot guarantee the latter, we CAN promise you a great time, and if not, at least a cold beer! Put that useless knowledge to good use as you join us for Trivia night at The Royal. From Geography to History, from Sports to Country music, come and embrace your inner dork while engaging in spirits and laughter with new friends. FREE for those who participate, though purchase of a beverage and/or food is encouraged. Please note - While winning is of course always desired, this is not an insanely hard-core group, so there's no pressure. This is about having FUN, so all levels are welcome!!! Hope to see you there!

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Trivia Night @ The Royal

The Royal

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