What we're about

While watching an episode of Tiny Houses, it occurred to me that people were calling on family, friends, and others, to help them build a home... And with a little help, great things can be accomplished that can really make a difference to someone. But what if you don't have that support base?
It made me think of a friend who was going through a divorce. The weeds in her yard had overgrown and maintenance was needed. Instead of offering to lend a hand, one of her neighbors threatened to contact the city if she didn't get it taken care of. What a difference he could have made if he would have just offered to spend a little time to help her out instead.
The idea of this group is... join if you're willing to give someone a hand with their household project (yard work, construction, remodeling...). And you can reach out to the group if you need a hand with a project you're working on. (give a penny, take a penny).
You don't need to be an expert, sometimes we just need more than ourselves. If you can lift, clean, sew, tile, garden, paint, design... you can help.

If you need a hand, let me know and we'll create a meetup so others can join in. (maybe bring some refreshments, meet some new people, have a good time, and accomplish something!).