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This is a group for KNIME users or anyone interested to learn more about what KNIME is and can do with your data. We will have events focusing on application stories but will also have talks and discussions on KNIME and other projects integrating with or in KNIME - such as R, JFreeChart, and Weka to name just three. We will also bring in key KNIME developers regularly as well, so discussions on KNIME interna are also very welcome. If you have an interesting KNIME story to tell - please do contact us!

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Text Mining with Deep Learning

Online event

In recent years, deep learning techniques have been shown to produce better results in a wide variety of fields, such as pattern recognition or NLP. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at sentiment analysis, one of the most common tasks in the text mining field, and then see how to utilize a deep learning technique (LSTM) to solve this task by preprocessing and transforming textual data into numbers to feed them into deep neural networks for prediction. Andisa Dewi, data scientist at KNIME, will be presenting this talk and will also be available after her presentation to answer your questions about text mining and LSTM.

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Time Series Analysis Panel Discussion

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