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Raw Consciousness Alchemy is about enjoying a new, Living Culture. In this living culture, the norms include healthy eating, self-discovery, introspection, social experiments, creative pursuits, and discussing personal transformations.

In this culture of living foods and consciousness alchemy, your yoga mat is welcome. Bring your singing bowls, your fiddle, and the ice-breaker activity that you've invented. Bring a notebook to take notes on inspiring stories. Bring the book that changed your life and read us an excerpt.

This group is for anyone ready to move into an inspiring, self-loving social atmosphere. Silences aren't awkward – they're spiritual reflection time. Stretching isn't boredom – it's body awareness. Asking someone how they're really feeling is a good practice, and bursting out in tears is a normal human response to a relief of pressure.

Welcome to a world of human possibility. Reach your potential through high-vibration nourishment and compassionate encouragement.

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