What we're about

This group is for Catholics to socialize with other Catholics who "get" what it means to be Catholic. This group is for people who don't need an explanation of all the beautiful traditions, devotions and feast days. You already know, "It's a Catholic thing".

We are proud to be Catholic. We have a fabulous sense of humor about it. Because we know what we know. And, you know...., we KNOW.

This group will be all inclusive of men and women, married and single, all ages, all stages and walks of life. (NOTE: I set up and manage a separate Meetup Group exclusively for women, if you're a woman and you'd prefer to join that group: "Bold Catholic Women".) We'll go on nature walks to enjoy and appreciate God's marvelous creations. We'll go on weekend camping trips, day trips, if you don't want to camp overnight, fishing trips, have picnics, potlucks, beach walks, happy hours, wine tasting, brewery visits, service projects and volunteering opportunities, (marching (or stumbling) our way to heaven), plan trips to tour of all the Missions of California (!!), train rides, visit other parish churches, weeknight and weekend dinners, brunches after mass, rotate hosting opportunities all different parishes, enjoy fellowship, possibly have book club meetings, attend Bingo nights at parish halls,
(!!Ha!--After all, It's A Catholic Thing!!) and any other thing members suggest and want to participate in. I just want to include everyone and keep everyone from being lonely and isolated, especially now in all we're experiencing lately. I want to pull together and support each other in any and all ways I (and we) can. Please join us. I'm looking forward to building strong, lasting friendships with you all!

Upcoming events

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