IxDA Melbourne Meetup @ The Electron Workshop


Howdy folks, Looking forward to our first official IxDA Melbourne meetup. Come along for some free beers and hear from some industry leaders on a range of IXD / UX design topics.

We'll be having three keynote sessions and details of each session are listed below:

Re-imagining UX for the Internet of Things
(Mark Butt)
The role of the ux designer is shifting and always evolving. As we become more technologically advanced, we must ensure that we maintain our focus on following a rigorous design process. This talk outlines how designers can follow a framework for interdisciplinary design projects, focusing on ui, research, data, service design and personalisation.

The Secret life of Inputs
(Davide Rizzo)
There is a surprising amount of complexity to form inputs. To understand it you must grasp both the details of UI design and the intricacies of behaviour across browsers and devices. This is the realm of ‘Technical UX’ between design and development and understanding it will allow you to design the most user friendly online forms possible.

Designing experiences for the Apple Watch
(Brendan Kearns)

As the next wave of smart watches hit the market, it’s obvious that copying phone interactions on a smaller screen guarantees failure. To create experiences that last, designers must go even further to understand users’ context and the relationship between their watch, phone and the world. Hear about how one man designed for a device before it was released and, since then, how he’s refined his ideas in the wild.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Let me know if anyone would like to get involved for the next meeet-up. Cheers, Mark