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Nº 141 :: Ryan Rumsey – When you're lost with metrics, you need a map

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You've been walking backwards. You've been asking what the right metrics are—instead of how the metric relates to the outcomes you care about.

In this talk, Ryan will share an approach to setting desirability objectives and measures (POKRs) and how they are the key to connecting design decisions to business outcomes.

He’ll share lessons learned from working at Apple and from Weird Al Yankovic that helped him discover a better way communicate and track design impact business results over time—scorecards.


Ryan is the author of Business Thinking for Designers and CEO of Second Wave Dive (https://www.secondwavedive.com/) a foundational school for the next generation of design leaders and executives. As CEO of Second Wave Dive, he has aligned the company around three core values: develop leadership abilities of the many, deliberately practice hard-to-learn skills in safe spaces, and nurture confidence via continuous, small, and well-focused changes.

For 20+ years, he worked as a designer and executive at Apple, Electronic Arts, USAA, Nestlé, and Comcast. Highlights include designing the first capitally funded Learning Management System at Apple, using CSS as a security measure, selling design systems before asking for buy-in, and building teams of incredibly talented and impactful designers, developers, researchers, PMs—humans. He believes it’s good to practice, it’s better to be curious, and best to listen to others. Psst! The best leaders love to be led!

He is a father, a husband, and an avid fan of Liverpool Football Club. His life experiences include working on a farm and acting in a Staind music video.

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