Empowering responsible designers: methods to bring ethics into your process

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Join IxDA and Adobe at Sprout Social for our two-part event in celebration of the 2nd annual World Interaction Design Day. We’ll start with a presentation followed by a hands-on workshop.

5:30 – doors open
6:00 – introduction
6:15 – Talk: The Stages of Design Ethics and Meeting People Where They’re At
6:45 – Workshop: Ethics in Design: Breaking Down the Barrier to Conversation Through Play

Food and drinks will be provided.
Also, our hosts are providing an accessible space:
The building has a few automatic doors, automatic turnstiles, and elevators. Sprout employees and building security are able to provide assistance with each aspect of your check-in to ensure everything is accessible.
If you check in between 5:30-6:30, no photo ID is required; a Sprout volunteer downstairs will check you in, and guide you to the elevators. If you check-in after 6:30, you will need to speak with with building security, at which point photo ID is required.
Restrooms closest to the event space are labeled mens/womens, but a Sprout employee can confidentially guide you to a labeled gender-neutral restroom.
Live captioning will be provided.
For other accessibility needs please contact us.

"The Stages of Design Ethics and Meeting People Where They’re At" talk by Jessica Moon
Crafting experiences that your users can actually trust, deciding how agnostic vs not agnostic your social media platform is, safeguarding a user’s interaction with unfamiliar technological interactions with AI or data privacy, watching out for patterns that can actively put a user’s physical safety at risk… These are but a small fraction of the increasing list of dilemmas that we as designers face both directly, as the very consumers of carefully (and somethings un-carefully) designed UX, and indirectly, as the creators of such experiences. And as one of the newer industries in this world, we are all still maturing in our understanding of when we need react to these dilemmas, let alone how we might address things both proactively and reactively.

The good news is that the subject of ethics has been around since ancient times. And by taking inspiration from basic ethical theories created in the fields of Philosophy and Sociology, we can recognize how different kinds of design ethics can exist in the workplace, and with that knowledge, arm ourselves with simple design-centered tactics to better create opportunities where we all can create experiences responsibly for our end users.

"Ethics in Design: Breaking Down the Barrier to Conversation Through Play" workshop from Ciara Taylor and Samantha Dempsey
Do you wish that talking about ethics was less awkward, dreadful, and serious? Join us as we use play to break down the barrier to ethical conversations. This hands-on, interactive discussion will pull elements from game design and storytelling to take participants on a journey of self-reflection and team-based action to spark productive ethical conversations. Participants will leave with an understanding of collaborative ethics and a large dose of empowerment to facilitate ethical conversation within their own teams to activate others to design for good.