• Empowering responsible designers: methods to bring ethics into your process

    Join IxDA and Adobe at Sprout Social for our two-part event in celebration of the 2nd annual World Interaction Design Day. We’ll start with a presentation followed by a hands-on workshop. Agenda: 5:30 – doors open 6:00 – introduction 6:15 – Talk: The Stages of Design Ethics and Meeting People Where They’re At 6:45 – Workshop: Ethics in Design: Breaking Down the Barrier to Conversation Through Play Food and drinks will be provided. Also, our hosts are providing an accessible space: The building has a few automatic doors, automatic turnstiles, and elevators. Sprout employees and building security are able to provide assistance with each aspect of your check-in to ensure everything is accessible. If you check in between 5:30-6:30, no photo ID is required; a Sprout volunteer downstairs will check you in, and guide you to the elevators. If you check-in after 6:30, you will need to speak with with building security, at which point photo ID is required. Restrooms closest to the event space are labeled mens/womens, but a Sprout employee can confidentially guide you to a labeled gender-neutral restroom. Live captioning will be provided. For other accessibility needs please contact us. "The Stages of Design Ethics and Meeting People Where They’re At" talk by Jessica Moon Crafting experiences that your users can actually trust, deciding how agnostic vs not agnostic your social media platform is, safeguarding a user’s interaction with unfamiliar technological interactions with AI or data privacy, watching out for patterns that can actively put a user’s physical safety at risk… These are but a small fraction of the increasing list of dilemmas that we as designers face both directly, as the very consumers of carefully (and somethings un-carefully) designed UX, and indirectly, as the creators of such experiences. And as one of the newer industries in this world, we are all still maturing in our understanding of when we need react to these dilemmas, let alone how we might address things both proactively and reactively. The good news is that the subject of ethics has been around since ancient times. And by taking inspiration from basic ethical theories created in the fields of Philosophy and Sociology, we can recognize how different kinds of design ethics can exist in the workplace, and with that knowledge, arm ourselves with simple design-centered tactics to better create opportunities where we all can create experiences responsibly for our end users. "Ethics in Design: Breaking Down the Barrier to Conversation Through Play" workshop from Ciara Taylor and Samantha Dempsey Do you wish that talking about ethics was less awkward, dreadful, and serious? Join us as we use play to break down the barrier to ethical conversations. This hands-on, interactive discussion will pull elements from game design and storytelling to take participants on a journey of self-reflection and team-based action to spark productive ethical conversations. Participants will leave with an understanding of collaborative ethics and a large dose of empowerment to facilitate ethical conversation within their own teams to activate others to design for good.

  • Doing is the Hard Part: How to live service design in organizations

    Service design established itself as a now wide-spread approach to innovate services – or more generally to innovate experiences of customers, employees, and citizens. In his talk, Marc briefly outlines service design, but then focus on the difference between theory and practice of using service design to really have an impact on people. He outlines how you can do service design sustainably in organizations along their 12 commandments of service design from their recent book “This is Service Design Doing”. This talk will break with the ubiquitous tools and method fetish and focus on what this is actually all about: people and how to improve their life. About the speaker: Marc published the award-winning books “This is Service Design Thinking” (2010), “This is Service Design Doing” (2018), and “This is Service Design Methods” (2018). He is Co-founder and CEO of "More than Metrics", a company creating software for service design, such as Smaply and ExperienceFellow. With a background in strategic management and service design, he also consults organizations on how to sustainably embed service design in their structures, processes, and culture. Marc regularly speaks at conferences on service design and entrepreneurship and teaches service design at various universities and executive education programs. If Marc is not working, he loves traveling with a backpack or in his VW van, going on a sailing trip, or riding his motorcycle. Snacks & refreshments are kindly provided by our hosts - Allstate.

  • Workshop: Learning How to Make a Minimum Lovable Product

    Moonshot by Pactera Digital

    PLEASE NOTE This will be a workshop structure and so we'll be moving around and doing things! As such, space will be limited so please honor your RSVP or decline to make space for others. About the Event As experiences evolve beyond what we typically think of as "digital", the user experience professional faces a growing challenge to not only solve for usability, but also for lovability as well. The new landscape of digital experiences such as voice, AR, & VR is creating the need for not only functional experiences but immersive experiences. Moonshot & IxDA would like to elevate the conversation beyond the screen to address and discuss some new imperatives. What makes an experience lovable, and why is it important for businesses and designers to understand? Come and hear a new perspective and walk away with new collaborative ways to help drive decisions towards creating lovable experiences today and tomorrow. Join us at Moonshot's new studio for networking, industry announcements, passionate discussion, and experiment with new ways of working guided by the Moonshot team. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Agenda 5:30-6:45 / Networking 6:00-7:45 / Workshop 7:45-8:00 / Wrap up and Networking About Moonshot Moonshot by Pactera is the innovation studio that creates Minimum Lovable Products. Our mission is to connect humanity with technology. With our collaborative ways of working, we partner with clients to deliver new business value through emerging technologies.

  • Do the Right Thing: Ethical Questions for the Modern Day

    Every day we are introduced to new forms of technology. From social media to AI, it’s a never-ending challenge to keep up. With these new and powerful tools, we are presented with unique ethical challenges. How do we, as designers, make the right decisions for our users? Ourselves? Society at large? At this event, four Digitas designers will explore different ethical dilemmas in today’s hyper-connected, rapidly-changing environment. And, most importantly, they will ask how the design community can contribute to a brighter future. The Speakers Lindsay Austin is a Lead Experience Designer at Digitas. With a knack for innovation and strategy, she has worked on a wide variety of brands, such as Bath and Body Works, Walgreens, The Home Depot, Sears and ConAgra Foods. She also founded and runs TapePlay, a national on-demand video production platform for events. Mick Champayne is a Lead Experience Designer at Digitas by daylight, and an illustrator/aspiring futurist by moonlight. She loves to create solutions that have beauty AND brains: making things look beautiful with smart strategy and UX, and she’s always scheming ways to inject a little personality and humor into experiences. Noel Childs is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary Group Design Director at Digitas who’s worked in the Chicago industry for over twenty-five years. He has a diverse background in UX, innovation, digital design, branding and design thinking. When not designing, Noel spends his free time with his wife and 3 daughters or cheers on Arsenal FC at his local pub. Casey Hudetz (Hyoo-detz) is a Senior Experience Designer at Digitas. Over the course of his career he has been a teacher, speaker, travel writer and, for a brief time, beekeeper in Paraguay. He spends his free time with his wife and two-year old son, Henry.

  • The Forefront of Digital Design with IA Collaborative

    IA Collaborative

    Every day, designers are challenged to shape the future in the industries they serve. But, how exactly can design catalyze innovation in organizations? What is design’s role in shaping both physical and digital user experiences? In what ways can design humanize automation? IA Collaborative is partnering with IxDA for an evening of curated presentations created for visual designers, UX designers, researchers, and more to share real-world case studies on how the consultancy answers these questions alongside the clients they serve. Join us for a great discussion and an opportunity to meet like minded UX pros! Snacks and drinks courtesy of our hosts. About IA Collaborative IA Collaborative is a global design and innovation consultancy. Working at the intersection of design and business; of creativity and strategy, we are on the forefront of user-centered design that creates business value.

  • World Interaction Design Day

    Fjord, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive

    Join us as we celebrate the inaugural World Interaction Design Day! Here in Chicago, we challenge our community to think more deeply about how we, as designers, can be more inclusive of those whose backgrounds and experiences differ from our own. The decisions we make have the potential to include or exclude users. Accessible design isn't about focusing on edge cases. It's about creating better experiences for everyone. We'll hear first hand from people with disabilities about the challenges they face when interacting with the digital world and their recommendations on how we should design for inclusion. Doors open at 5:30 Introduction: 6:00-6:15 Speaker Chris Robinson: 6:15-6:45 Speaker Allen West: 6:45-7:15 Speaker Melissa Manak: 7:15-7:45 Speaker Carly Ho: 7:45-8:15 Food and drinks will be provided. ASL interpreters will be provided. Speakers: Chris Robinson Chris, also known as Phoenix to his gaming community, is deaf and advocating for Gaming Accessibility using his channel he started called DeafGamersTV on Twitch, a streaming service where you can broadcast yourself playing games or other hobby. Chris relies heavily on subtitles to understand contents. Without it, no information would make sense to him if there's nothing to read on. He hopes to reach out to small & big outlets to help bring changes to accessibility and taking advantage of our current technology. We're no longer in the past where we had limited resources. Allen West Allen West has been totally blind since the age of seven. He has been training people on adaptive technology since 1998. Currently, he works for the Chicago Park District as a special recreation instructor and Friedman Place, Supportive Living Housing for the Blind, as an adaptive technology instructor. He was asked to assist the State of Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education in their computer training center. In the near future he will help the Chicagoland Radio Information Service-- a radio service for the blind and reading impaired—with a new podcast on Adaptive technology. He recently started a tech support group, which meets once a month at Friedman Place. He gives the latest tech updates, followed by questions and answers, and tech demos. Melissa Manak Currently based in the Chicago region as a UI/UX Designer, Melissa Manak (who also dabbles in accessibility design) thrives on making good user experiences from which everyone can benefit. To her, good design is more than a pretty interface which by focusing on accessibility from the beginning that in the design process successfully saves companies from a more significant financial cost at the end. Outside of designing, she has a pretty active schedule such as freelancing, remodeling her first home, and training for her first half marathon. Melissa's superpowers include unique lip-reading and interpreting body language. Carly Ho Carly Ho is a full-stack senior engineer at Clique Studios and freelance writer, and is particularly interested in the ways interfaces, communication, and narrative in digital spaces can create great experiences for people. Outside of work hours, you can catch her juggling a diverse array of creative hobbies, hanging out in 10-plus community slack workspaces at once, and telling her cat how beautiful she is.

  • Solving Public Safety Challenges Through User Experience Design

    The UX design team at Motorola Solutions is re-imagining how public safety works. Local, state and federal government agencies are faced with increasingly complex challenges. Everything from increased gun violence and opioid addiction to rising incarceration rates and wildfires while operating on smaller budgets and under increased public scrutiny. At this event, you'll learn how the UX team leverages the power of design to enable public safety response teams to operate more efficiently, effectively, and safely. Speaker: Lexie Spiro is the Director of User Experience Design at Motorola Solutions. Part of the Chief Technology Office, Lexie leads the team responsible for the design of Motorola's Command Center Software Suite, as well as the digital customer experience. Lexie joined Motorola in 2006 to design advanced-concept mobile computers, data capture devices and wearable technology for various industries, including warehousing, transportation and logistics, retail, and healthcare. Since then, he has designed devices and applications that combine hardware and software into cohesive user experiences for public safety. He holds several U.S. patents related to industrial design and user interface design, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Interaction Design from Syracuse University. Our hosts will be providing food and drinks for all attendees.

  • Why Contextual Data is Essential to Journey Mapping (and how to get it)

    Journey mapping is a vital way to surface a user's struggles, delights, and touchpoints for teams and stakeholders. But an effective journey map can't be built company-out, it needs to be customer-in -- customer journey maps must be informed by lived experiences. That requires contextual data, collected from the feedback of real people, in the moments that matter to them. Attend this journey mapping meetup where Stefani and Ben will: ➔ Briefly introduce journey maps and their value proposition for an organization ➔ Describe best practices for creating customer-centric journey maps ➔ Lead an interactive activity where you'll organize moments-based data into a journey map Speakers: Stefani Bachetti, Director of dscout Studio Stefani is a designer and researcher leading a team of researchers exploring brand, product and innovation questions for some of the world's most curious brands. On the side, you’ll either find her sketchnoting various events around Chicago, or in her wood shop building anything from furniture to kazoos. Ben Wiedmaier, Product Evangelist, dscout Ben is the product evangelist at dscout, where he spreads the “good news” of contextual research, helps customers understand how to get the most from dscout, and impersonates everyone in the office. He has a doctorate in communication studies from Arizona State University, studying “nonverbal courtship signals”, a.k.a. flirting. No, he doesn’t have dating advice for you.

  • Biometric User Testing


    Ever wonder what your user test subjects really think of an interaction? Are they just being nice? Trying to score an easy gift card? Join Isobar for a hands-on journey to discover how users really feel about digital interactions. We will demonstrate how to use biometrically-aided user testing to uncover the inner joy, frustration, and fixations of each tester, and get closer to reaching customers on a deep emotional level. In addition to biometric user testing we will explore techniques that allow us to gauge the emotional resonance of user experiences. And, to make this real, we’d like for you to participate in a quick 5 minute exercise called MindSight. Results will be shared at next week’s event. MindSight, Isobar’s revolutionary method for studying unconscious emotions, is an image-based, rapid response technique. We’ll explain more next week, but for now, all you need to know is that you are going to see images appear rapidly and you need to select images that complete a sentence. It’s FAST…and for good reason. Go To http://bit.ly/IxDA-Chicago to start the MindSight exercise. Please complete by Monday, July 23. SPEAKERS Tom Fullington, Experience Strategy & Design Director Tom brings over 18 years of experience helping companies design & build new digital products. He tackles complex design problems while delivering business results by placing the real user at the center of the entire process. Tom has partnered with clients of all sizes from startups to Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries including insurance, health care, B2B + B2C ecommerce, and higher education. Ben McNeil, Experience Strategy & Design Associate Executive Director Ben has a diverse 14 year background of creating fresh and engaging experiences across a wide variety of devices, mediums, and contexts. He has extensive experience and passion in sports and entertainment, including work with NBC, HBO, Fox, Nickelodeon, Bloomberg, the Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, and MLB. His adventures have included crafting breakthrough digital experiences alongside Dr. Ruth, Ricki Lake, and Kevin Garnett – not at the same time. Ben’s work has been featured by ESPN, Fast Company, and the Today Show, and enjoyed in MLB dugouts, on Air Force flight lines, and in millions of living rooms. Ben graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Information Systems and Aerospace Science. Jessica Azoulay is a Vice President in Isobar’s Marketing Intelligence Practice. In her role, Jessica oversees both quantative and qualitative operations, ensuring delivery of top notch products and service. With over 20 years of marketing research experience, as a quantitative project lead, Jessica also plays a significant role in strategy and new product development. Most recently, Jessica envisioned and managed the development of MindSight® Direct, the DIY version of the award-winning MindSight® technology which now allows users to uncover the motivations driving consumer behavior in a matter of hours. Jessica also manages partner initiatives for MindSight® Direct and consults with Isobar UX developers on how to make their experiences more emotionally engaging. She is involved in key company initiatives including the integration of MindSight® with biometrics and the application of the tools to measure VR experiences. Jessica continues to dabble in project management on select quantitative engagements, primarily focused on emotional assessments. Jessica holds a BS in Social Psychology from Union College, with a concentration in organizational behavior. PLEASE NOTE: When registering, please provide your first and last name as it appears on your government ID. Building security will be provided with a list of guests and you must provide your ID to enter the building. Registration will close 24 hours before the event. Food and beverages will be provided.

  • Reflecting on Black Mirror: How the hit Netflix series overlaps w/ our industry

    Debuting in 2011, the British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror immediately touched a nerve with a large audience. Over four seasons Charlie Brooker and his team of writers have cleverly explored a wide variety of topics such as augmented reality, robotics, social media, privacy, smart homes and much more. At this event, Digitas speakers with different roles and perspectives will delve into the threats and opportunities that all of our new technology presents. You do not need to be aware of, a fan of or caught up on Black Mirror to enjoy this talk (but it will help). We will do our best not to spoil anything! Food and drink will be provided. NOTE: Digitas has moved offices. Now all visitors will need a government issued ID in order to enter the building. Security is strict so there will be no exceptions. -- ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Mick Champayne Mick Champayne is a Lead Experience Designer at Digitas by daylight, and an illustrator/donut whisperer by moonlight. She loves to create solutions that have beauty AND brains: making things look beautiful with smart strategy and user experience. She’s always scheming ways to inject a little levity and personality in her work. Randy Ellis Randy is Lead Experience Designer at Digitas and the quintessential fighter for the forgotten user of the digital universe. An advocate of human-centered design/accountability. Randy has spoken on UX/UI and entrepreneurship at Research Park at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Mobile Development Day, Tribeca Flashpoint, and Technori.He is currently an Instructor of User Experience Design at General Assembly Chicago Campus. In his spare time, you can find Randy working on ChipIn (Cities Helping Its People in Need) a poverty disruption solution empowering those in need through individual/corporate donors (ask him about it). Casey Hudetz After receiving his master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University, Casey jumped head first into the field of user experience design. He is a Senior Experience Designer at Digitas and an instructor at both Ascend Training and General Assembly. In the past he has run field testing for Detour.com, apprenticed at the Stanford d.school and most recently spoke at SXSW. Jeff Mau Jeff Mau leads Experience Strategy at Digitas. With a focus on customer experience and emerging technology, Jeff advises clients across the mobile telecommunication, e-commerce and consumer packaged goods industries. He also teaches strategy courses at IIT Institute of Design in Chicago and CEDIM in Mexico. Bill Moore As Associate Director of Quality Assurance at Digitas, Bill has worked on experiential projects for Brands such as Sprint Mobile, Miller Coors, Whirlpool, and PlayStation directing QA from a functional and creative POV. This approach assures not only a quality product but a product that matches the design intent with consideration for user experience and brand message. When he’s not working, Bill performs in various bands and rides his motorcycle. Lantz Leiweke Lantz Leiweke works within the Technology Management group at Digitas. Years of championing experience-based product development and design through a variety of mediums have allowed him to build a unique perspective on the role of interactive design alongside more technically-intensive needs. He strives to build beautiful, barrier-free products that balance real-world impact with joyous interactions that have a lasting impact on users. An avid seasonal cyclist, pizza enthusiast and wanna-be beer dude, Lantz can be found being far-too-loud in the workplace and over-committing on nights and weekends.