UX vs. AGILE : How to Integrate the Best out of both Worlds


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UX vs. AGILE : How to Integrate the Best out of both Worlds

UX and Agile approaches involve their own special set of techniques for creating products and experiences, but they do overlap in one key area– creating products that delight and bring value to users.

Unfortunately, trying to accommodate for both approaches results in sometimes unhealthy competition for the key resource of Time - as well as frustration mainly due to common misunderstandings of both practices.

This workshop is aimed at practitioners and leaders in team environments- whether you are a UXers, programmer or project manager, you will learn just how to find the ‘best blend’ of the two approaches, no matter the constraints or type of product you are trying to create.

The session will cover:

· A little bit of theory - Introduction to UX and Agile

· Case study of one approach used to rapidly prototype a new mobile application for a Hong Kong company

· Hands-on: building a rapid prototype in groups (learning how to collaborate with a cross-functional team)

· Different ways of integrating UX and Agile ways of working.

This XTRAM workshop will be taught by Daryl Chan and colleagues from why innovation!, a consulting firm that coaches teams and organisations in successfully delivering products in the digital world.

XTRAM Instructor:

Daryl ChanChange, collaboration and innovation consultant + practitioner(Agile, Lean, complexity)why innovation! Monash University

Daryl's Bio

Daryl Chan is the Hong Kong Lead and Senior Consultant for why innovation!, a boutique consultancy dedicated to unlocking the collaborative and creative power hidden within individuals and organisations. Daryl has been in Hong Kong for several years focusing on coaching teams and advising on large-scale transformations for companies such as Cathay Pacific and HSBC. Prior to his time in Asia,

Daryl had been working in Australia for over seven years and has worked for the likes of General Electric, BP, Suncorp, Monash University and other large organisations, bringing about organisational improvement with people at the centre of change – mainly as a business analyst who preferred a multi-disciplinary approach to change.

Daryl was CBAP certified in 2012 and currently holds CSM, CSP, PSPO I and ICAgile Practitioner certifications.

why innovation! (http://www.why-innovation.com/who-we-are.html)

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