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Interaction Design Foundation Johannesburg.

Speakers welcome! Topics: Tips, Tools, Tricks & Techniques [ Research, Strategy, Design ]

This group was inspired by the words of

Da Vinci:

"These rules will enable you to have free and sound judgment; since good judgement is born of clear understanding, and a clear understanding comes of reasons derived from sound rules, and sound rules are the issue of sound experience - the common mother of all the sciences and arts".

Advocating for Great Design! South African User Experience Meet-ups and more.

Open to everyone including current IDF members [ students/ Designers/ Anyone interested in understanding how design can improve humanity, business & products ]

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BIGBrave (Pty) Ltd

As a UX Designer, you can help make the Web and the World a better place. By following a human-centred design approach, you have the capability to make life easier for all users. From those with disabilities, the elderly, global audiences, and the next billion people who will be joining the internet. The way interfaces are designed even impacts users' health. Our field is not merely about designing beautiful buttons or chasing conversion rates. UX Design is also for the common good. Guest speaker : Børge Kristensen (Visiting Johannesburg from Copenhagen - he will be here in person, not via zoom) Børge Kristensen is a UX Consultant from Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked in the Internet industry since the last century and has been consulting - making websites useful and usable for more than a decade. He utilises UX methods such as Task Analysis and Heuristic Walkthrough to make the Web great again. By insisting on a Human-Centred Design process and continuous feedback from users, Copenux - (the agency he founded) - has created websites with task completion rates at 100 %. Please note that parking is limited, so if anyone can Uber, or share rides that would be great! (Open to suggestions for meet/park places)

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