What we're about

Young or old, fleet of foot or not so sprightly, a little exercise, a lot of fun, and a HUGE amount of camaraderie and POSITIVE INTENT is the name of the game...

Welcome to JAI | WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN meetup group.

THANK YOU for joining the group and thank you for joining in on this truly global initiative and for adding the power of YOUR good intent and practical support to the most fundamental and abhorrent of issues that we, as wholly responsible adults and carers of ALL our children, have the absolute DUTY to eradicate, RIGHT NOW.

Let me point out from the get-go, although we have the most purposeful of agendas, WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN is about us all having a great time WHILST we do some good - it won't help anything if we try to do some good with furrowed brows and melancholy minds. Period.

For a full overview of the BIG picture and to understand how you can both contribute positively whilst benefiting greatly yourself please visit our web pages at https://www.jai.org.uk/walk-the-world-for-children/

So, to get things moving forward to good effect from the get-go, set out below is the agenda for our Meetup Group and the JAI WTWFC Meetup Network as it develops around the world, and hopefully, with your support and patronage, momentum will build and 'good stuff' will manifest immediately.

The Plan of attack:

The primary purpose of our group is to bring people together and help drive and support the 'annual' JAI | WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN Sponsored Walk Event - LONDON, which in turn will help drive and support, for the greater good, the global aspirations of JAI WTWFC.

So, as and when we get sufficient numbers join our Group we will confirm details of the inaugural JAI | WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN Sponsored Walk Event - London, for us all to take part in and for us to hit the ground running re making a difference to the lives of Children who need our support, right now.

In the meantime, and to activate immediately our purpose and intent, if we all could share the JAI WTWFC initiative with family and friends so that they too may join in, this would be just great...the more people involved, the greater the results we can generate and the more fun we can have and more friendships we can forge in doing so!


When you read our web page above and take on-board the bigger picture you will realise right away what and how this simple yet wholly practical piece of very cool kit is designed to deliver.

In preparation for our first London Event and to generate immediate positive effect, if you would make a token yet hugely meaningful purchase of the JAI WTWFC Bottle, (look at it as a life-time subscription if you like), and buy into its depth of purpose, (simply by understanding its inherent value and 'using it' every day), the impact we will make as a group WILL BE truly immediate AND truly meaningful in every way.


And of course, as you will also learn form visiting the website, the JAI ROAD MAP, which hundreds of people from all over the world have benefited before you, is yours to take advantage of and start enjoying right from the outset too.

A true win-win if there ever was one.


Moving Forward

Once we get our inaugural event in the photo album and the group well established in numbers as a result, our aim is to reach out and recruit a few willing individuals to become WTWFC LONDON Group Co-Organisers and Event Organisers, with all the JAI WTWFC Meetup Network resources at your disposal, to serve-up the group with regular walks/events and social gatherings to keep both the intentions alive and the fun and camaraderie ongoing.

Group Organisers

Any Members who are interested in becoming co-hosts and/or event organisers or wish to get involved with JAI WTWFC behind the scenes then please get in touch. I truly look forward to meeting you and working alongside you. An easy formula and format has been developed where everyone benefits.

Feeling Adventurous?

With the origins of WTWFC firmly rooted in both the hills and valleys of magnificent Snowdonia National Park and the enchanting and irrepressible 186 miles of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in sunny Wales, any members wishing to join us for some fresh air and very good welsh 'craic' for an uplifting and invigorating excursion with the VERY good excuse of, 'I WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN', giving you all the reason you need to drive up the M1 or along the M4, then you are cordially invited!

Pembrokeshire with its pristine coastline and wonderful quaint holiday cottages is at your disposal too courtesy of Holiday Connections of Tenby offering us their impeccable services and resources to take advantage of.

Check out what Summit to Savour have on offer too. (Our mountain guiding partners for more adventurous WTWFC Events who will soon be announcing bi-monthly WTWFC dedicated events!) https://www.summittosavour.co.uk/

So, lots planned and lots to get inspired about and lots of very good reasons to join us and join in; please take a moment to visit our website and get ready with your WTWFC Drinks bottle primed to 'Walk the World for Children' together - or at least for the moment, we'll 'Walk around London for Children' together! https://www.jai.org.uk/walk-the-world-for-children/

Of course as the JAI WTWFC Network grows and develops and friendships blossom, JAI WTWFC Holiday Events at stunning walking locations around the world will be organised too.

Watch this space!

I look forward to meeting you.

Very best wishes,


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JAI | WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN Inaugural Sponsored Walk Event - LONDON

ALL details to be confirmed shortly. Please read the Group 'About' page for information. Thank you for your support and patronage. Kind regards Kevin, WTWFC

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