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JAMstack_Berlin #8 (free pizza & refreshments)

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Khaled G.
JAMstack_Berlin #8 (free pizza & refreshments)


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Talk: Pump up the JAM with Gatsby
Speaker: Stefan Adolf

About the talk

It's lean, it's crazily fast and it's packed with features: Gatsby is a game changing static PWA generator. This talk shows how to use Gatsby to access arbitrary content sources with its unified GraphQL interface and build applications that even work when you’re not connected to the internet. We’re digging into fast, brainless deployments, automatically scoped CSS for your components and put a number of plugins on display that help you generate sites that are not only fast and crawlable but also fun to use.
Talk: Going Headless without losing your head - React in a traditional CMS context
Speaker: Sibylle Sehl (@sibylle) - Frontend Developer at agentur brandung

About the talk

React and modern frontend frameworks in general have transformed how we write frontend applications and has taken the modular component approach to a level. This is a natural good fit for agency environments, in which you often agree on separate modules you will build for your client, which they can then use at their leisure and use anywhere on their site.

In this talk, I will discuss the challenges we’ve faced trying to incorporate React with a more traditional CMS system, different solutions we have developed, while still offering customisability for clients and most importantly, what we've learned along the way.
Talk: Building a Serverless Alexa Skill
Speaker: Andrea

About the talk

Ever wondered how to create a voice experience on Alexa? In this walkthrough, you will learn how to build a fully serverless Alexa Skill completely for free. The session will also cover the foundations of voice design.
Ritterstr. 12 · Berlin
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