JAMstack London


This is the London chapter of the JAMstack community meetups.

We'll hear about what the JAMstack is and how it can be used. And we'll open the discussions on interesting trends in modern web development techniques.

Bring a smile and an eagerness to talk about new ways to approach web development.

Doors open from 6:30pm ready for a 7pm start

Format (from 7pm):
- Welcome and introduction to the group
- Talk 1: By Andy Shora (20 minutes)
- Refreshments
- Talk 2: By Darian Moody (20 minutes)
- Talk 3: by Will Hancock (20 minutes)
- Thanks, discussions and socialising

More information:


In addition to providing our meeting venue, AKQA will generously be providing light (non-alcoholic) refreshments. But we're not planning for hot food, so it's worth planning for your own dinner. Talk 1: Too Many Kiwis, Andy Shora

How an exploded Appendix inspired Andy to bake out a nutrition website which humans can understand.

In this talk, Andy will talk through how he used Google Sheets, Food Nutrition APIs, Gatsby and Netlify to generate 100+ lightning fast web pages.

About Andy:

Andy is a Front End Developer based in London, with unhealthy interests in Geometry, DataViz, and investing in Smol Puppers


Talk 2 : Gatsby - Under the Hood, Darian Moody

Gatsby has built on the ideas from the existing generation of static generators to provide a truly flexible system for baking out sites.

In this talk, Darian will take you under the hood to see how Gatsby’s architecture lets you break free of the constraints you’re used to.

About Darian:

Darian is a software engineer based in London. With extensive experience in web architectures and development he has worked for a wide range of clients and agencies.


Talk 3: Venturing into Algolia, Will Hancock

Adding Search to static websites using Algolia and the #JAMStack. Algolia offers a lot of search functionality, index configuration, and you can get using it for FREE.

About Will:

Will is a Technical Delivery Manager at Ideas and Innovation company AKQA, with over 10 years of Web Development experience having being forced to use large monolithic CMS's, Will is very much enjoying writing dynamic functionality back into super fast static websites using the JAMStack.