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JAMstack OKC hopes to promote JAMstack tools, workflows, and projects to developers and designers in the OKC region. The goal is introduce this concept in practical and relevant ways that could be used in your workflow to benefit your company or clients.

JAMstack is the modern way of building websites and apps using client-side JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (the J. A. M. of stacks).

But you'd rather just keep jam on your bread and not your projects right?* NO. Seriously. Look at these benefits:

• EASIER > Easier workflow means you deliver faster (agile? no, this is JAM)

•FASTER > Increased performance by decreasing server-side processes (JAM)

•SAFER > Stronger security by reducing surface area vulnerable to attacks (JAM)

•CHEAPER > Cheaper costs and simpler architecture making it easier to scale (JAM)

JAMstack is quickly gaining traction and even being adopted by the big boys (some of which we hope to feature in some meetups). In fact, you may already be using parts of this method and not even realize it!

Join our community and learn to JAM!

Learn more at the official JAMstack site (https://jamstack.org/).

See other JAMstack meetups (https://jamstack.org/community/) quickly sprouting around the world, (told you this was getting big).

*We have nothing against jam or bread, and appreciate the value their partnership serves.

Share feedback and help us shape future meetup events by filling out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/cCnj9Zo90zT55SRq2).

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