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JAMstack Oslo is a group for anyone interested in Javascript, static site generation, markup, git based deployments. If you are a web developer unfamiliar with git but wanting to move away from FTP, this is also for you!

The goal of this meetup is to nurture and grow a Oslo chapter of the JAMstack meetup. If you would like to help out with the organization, sponsor or present, please visit https://jamstack-oslo.no/

For more information on JAMstack see https://jamstack.org

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JAMstack Oslo going live: How to get started with Gatsby

Happy new year! This is the first ever JAMstack Oslo meetup. We are going live! We plan on having a monthly meetup every month on the last Tuesday. During this meetup a presenter will talk about a specific topic. # Program ## Lightning talk: Introducing the Gatsby Remark Oembed Plugin Description: Benedicte Raae is the developer behind the Gatsby Remark Oembed Plugin, which lets you easily embed links from twitter, instagram, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud etc. on your Gatsby site. ## Main talk: How to use Gatsby in the age of structured content For this month’s talk we have Espen Hovlandsdal from Sanity.io presenting the work he has done on the Gatsby-source-plugin for Sanity: Watch the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STtpXBvJmDA Description: Gatsby promises “blazing fast, modern, secure, and beautiful websites”, but how does it actually work? And how do you use it with structured content from a headless CMS? In this talk, the lead developer for the Gatsby source plugin for Sanity.io, Espen Hovlandsdal, will show you how to get started, how to configure the source plugin, and how to deploy it on Netlify with triggered rebuilds. He will also present some key takeaways from building a source plugin. Bio: Espen Hovlandsdal is a developer at Sanity.io. With a never-ending enthusiasm for the web as a platform, he enjoys working on open-source projects, drinking craft beer and taking long walks with his miniature schnauzer. # Practicalities Sanity.io is located in Grünerløkka not far from downtown Oslo. You can easily get there by trams 11 / 12 / 13. If you arrive by tram the stop is Olaf Ryes plass from where you have a few minutes walk to the Sanity entrance. The entrance is right next to Godt brød and very visible. Look for a yellow building or use Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/BuuYvnW4AnF2. If you have any issues reaching the venue or questions, feel free to call Alexander on [masked]. See you soon!

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