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Ship better apps with Imba, Scrimba and GitSpeak

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Welcome back!

This is our second gathering of the year. We have finally gotten our Meetup featured on, checkout it out at the community page:


Today is going to be fun especially if you are into code reviews, languages and learning. This months speakers are Sindre Aarsaether and Per Harald Borgen.

## Imba: Intuitive and powerful language for building webapps that fly

Description: Imba is a new programming language for the web that compiles to performant JavaScript. It is heavily inspired by ruby and python, but developed explicitly for web programming (both server and client). Imba treats DOM elements as a first-class citizens. These elements are compiled to an inline dom, which is an order of magnitude faster than today's virtual dom implementations. We truly believe that it opens up for a new way of developing web applications.

Bio: Sindre is the co-founder and lead developer & designer behind Scrimba. He’s also the creator of the Imba programming language, in which Scrimba and GitSpeak is built with (both back-end and front-end).

## GitSpeak & Scrimba

Description: Scrimba is a powerful new way of learning code. GitSpeak is a new and better way to discuss code. It’s a desktop app which helps developer teams do better code reviews, faster on-boarding and create richer documentation.

Bio: Per is the co-founder of Scrimba, and a front-end developer. His Scrimba courses has had tens of thousands of students, and he also writes a lot about improving your skills as a developer.

# PRACTICALITIES is located in Grünerløkka not far from downtown Oslo. You can easily get there by trams 11 / 12 / 13. If you arrive by tram the stop is Olaf Ryes plass from where you have a few minutes walk to the Sanity entrance. The entrance is right next to Godt brød and very visible. Look for a yellow building or use Google Maps:

If you are coming straight from work, don't worry. We will have some fruits and maybe waffles :)

If you have any issues reaching the venue or questions, feel free to call Alexander on 401 04 387.

See you soon!

Trondheimsveien 2k · Oslo
33 spots left