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What we’re about

Welcome to the official JAMstack Phoenix meetup.

The JAMstack is a paradigm shift in how websites are being created, it is a step away from the traditional server-based architecture, and toward rich client-side Websites and Applications. There are a few industry leaders pushing the adoption of this technology such as Netlify, Gatsby, and Contentful just to name a few.

This meetup is meant to be a local connection to the broader JAMstack community. Expect local and remote speakers, workshops, hackathons, and Tacos! You read that correctly, in true Arizona fashion once a month the community will get together and celebrate a Taco Tuesday while expanding our skills and connections within the JAMstack community.

The JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience. No rendering means greatly reduced attack surface area for malware, ultra-fast hosting on CDN, no debugging PHP or optimizing render times, and a super cheap way to scale your hosting.

All organizers, attendees, and event staff must read and abide by our code of conduct ( ).

If you simply can't wait to learn about JAMstack I have great news, there is a link for that.