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11ties: 11 min ⚡️ talks on 11ty, on 11/11

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11ties: 11 min ⚡️ talks on 11ty, on 11/11


🚨 Pls check as the Zoom link as been posted for all. Do recall this is a day time EST event, in case you are attending from the either side of the world.

Hello there! It's been a minute. We've been keeping a close eye on a few guests, but schedules were filling up and we are moving forward with some equally interesting programming. So we hope you're all ready to have some fall fun, as this next one should be super interesting. We are happy to present: 11ties.

If you're familiar with 11ty, it's the simple static site generator that has been getting a good deal of attention and support, from simple projects to surprisingly bigger enterprise ones too. So the small static site generator with an even smaller name will be the focus of our next meetup. On 11/11 we are presenting 11min ⚡️ talks from 11ty users and fans, all with unique projects. This is a day time event as we are accommodating speakers from EU, so why not have it start @ 1:11pm EDT? Yes. That's right.

✨ Speakers ✨

Raymond Camden
Nicolas Goutay
Sia Karamalegos
Daniel Fascia
Bryan Robinson

what: 11min ⚡️ talks on 11ty
when: 11/11 @ 1:11
where: online

Chat soon, and updates w/ speakers on topics coming shortly.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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